Late one night on the Facebook fanpage I had the idea to post a pic of Tionne and let all of the members comment on why the love T and what it is about her that makes them feel so close to her...The responses were SO amazing and SO touching that I thought I would share them. If you would like to make a contribution please leave a comment in the box and I will add your post to the others:


Toya R.  I really don't know where to start lol! And its my damn question... I love T for so many different reasons. I've gravitated to her for as long as I could remember. When I was around 11 when the Oooooooohhh On the TLC Tip came out, I always hoped she my long lost sister!! There was just something about her that I immediately liked. even as a pre teen. Her energy always seemed to be light. Even with the tomboy look she had going on back then. As I got older and learned of her health issues I loved her even more. Seeing her in interviews and seeing how she tried no to ever let her health affect her happiness and goofiness was everything to me. Now as I'm older and know her a little better the adoration is SO real lol. She really is the kindest, sweetest, most down to earth person you will ever meet. She thinks of almost everyone before she thinks of herself (which can be good and bad at times lol) and she still has that light around her that I loved when I was little. Her positivity is so inspiring. Her sense of humor is contagious, her talent is endless and her beauty is completely unmatched... There is so much more but I'm not gonna write a novel lol


Armando Sevilla: That perfect lil nose ,the boz cut , the cheeck-bones and smolder eyes . Her raspy sexy voice , that voice on the massive hits that have made my life better . Her determination to overcome, her dancing ...but most of all I LOVE anyone that can make me laugh as hard as T does


Tatiana Tate: HER STRENGTH TO ENDURE THROUGH IT ALL!!!! *wipes tear*


Algie Thomas: I Love her because She has always been down to earth from day one & hasn't changed since. She has such a sweet spirit & I love her swagger on stage....She's just soooooo cool!!!! I love that she puts GOD as the one to have the last say over the things


Bruce Horsey: T is for sure an original all the way


Krista L Ricketts:  I have/had alot of health issues growing up learning about T's story helped stay strong I feel liek if she can get thru so can I even know wen I get discouraged I look at a pic ofher r tlc nd it brightens me right up...I love T's personality she is the type of person u can actually talk to about anything I can tell she genuinely ares for her fans. Shes awesome nd beyond a woman like her who had to go thru hell nd back nd still put it dwn on the stage I honestly dnt know how she does it but I know she will forever be a role model in my eyes a 2nd mother too me


Casey Baker:  I loveher strength and determination to never let anything stop her from doing what she wants. I love her dancing, and the time that she takes to interact with her fans on Twitter. I also have to say that I love her laugh


Diamond Whitelaw: Everything!


Rhoney Whitehurst:  I've always felt she was a VERY strong woman! First off, my sister has sickle cell so I KNOW the struggles she face.. So for her to be this performer all these years, touring, etc....While dealing with this disease she was born with...You HAVE to be a tough cookie! So I love her for her strength. I love the fact that she's always honest. She's always been her OWN type of chick. From the way she dresses, her hair styles, her voice, makes her so unique. I LOVE her voice and her atylebif singing. She dances her ass off! I'm a dancer myself and taught dance (hip hop) for for five years. She's played a HUGE role in my life as far as dance and inspired me so much in that field. She's just all around a great person and entertainer. One of my inspirations indeed!! #TeamTboz


Thembsy Rweqana: I could write a whole damn essay about her lol but I'll try to keep it short. I've loved TLC since was 6 yrs old.. I ADORE Tionne the most cuz she's just a bowl of energy, cuteness, humbleness, sweetness, REALNESS, hilariousness & DOWN TO EARTHNESS! The first time I heard a TLC song was when I saw the video for Unpretty...maaaan she was so pretty then & she still is pretty today! She's like the COOL version of my mom. That's why she's 2nd mom to me. Her strength, her WILL to NEVER give up, her dancing is awesome (one time I broke my left foot trying to dance hard like her LOL) but most of all, when I have a bad day, HER LAUGH is what makes me feel a hundred times better. Her SMILE makes me smile. Many would say I'm obsessed (in a good way tho) but whatever!! But the fact that I get to talk to her on Twitter is a BONUS for me!! I thank God for blessing me with such an AMAZING person to look up to like her. Now, I just need to meet her then I'll be fulfilled...#LoveYouT


Teresa Jones Hardy: Her strength thru all that she's gone thru makes her such a great inspiration to so many people. She has a big heart. She's approachable and relatable, yet she doesn't go for foolishness. Ultimately... She's REAL.


Shambree Ferguson: I'm obsessed with her personality! She's soooo down-to-earth & easy to talk to, that I ALWAYS forget that she's a celeb with this HUGE platform. & on top of that, she's freakin' HILARIOUS! I get so mushy when I hear her laugh! Yeah it's obnoxious, butya gotta love it! Just hearing her talk makes me smile like a maniac! BUT her beauty is the thing that always catches me right off guard! Like I can NEVER get used to it. Every new pic is more beautiful than the last. & when she smiles, ahhhhhh it just makes me melt. That's my Sweet Face! I hate that she's not comfy with her smile & that she covers it up, but hey, that's another reason why I love her. She's not some celeb who happens to be just like us. She's just like us, she just happens to be a celeb. So the fact that she is insecure about something let's me know that she's no better than the rest of us & more importantly, she doesn't act or believe that she is! She's been through hell & back facing life or death situations all her life, but u'd never guess that by the joy in her laughs or the glow in her smile. But even with all she's been through, my tmom is a THUG! One of the sweetest & most giving woman u'd ever meet, but give her a reason & she would pick the world up & smash it on ur head. Ik I wrote a novel, but this woman has my heart, forever & a day! & I hv noooo problem proving that. So they way I see it, if u mess with my tmom & u make the mistake & let me see it, I will hv u sitting in a corner somewhere in fetal position sucking ya thumb. Just saying!  haaaaa


April Griffin:  Love Everything about her & that's it Lol


Stacey E Glenn: I love T-Boz for her strength and undying courage to get through any of life's obstacles . She has inspired me to always look for tomorrow and not be stuck on today. Everything will always get better. No matter what happens, everything happens for a reason. I love her because she's funny. She always makes me laugh! I love her great sense of humor! I love it when she does that barking thing on R U the Girl...lmao! I've never met T Boz. I've never spoke to T Boz. But she has touched my life for the past 23 years.The music that TLC's has blessed us all all with. The whole package, everything, it just always inspired me throughout my life. Always to be myself and never stray from that. It doesn't matter what anybody thinks, it's what I know that does, and she has taught me that. I love her and I will always be thankful for being real to herself and real to us, her fans


Danielle Nickoy: She's so awesome and dont even know it! Just her strength to overcome is so inspiring to me it may be cliche now but sometimes that's all a fan could want in their hero the perseverance to carry on with their own lives. I love that she opened up about her sickle cell cuz if you dont have it you know somebody that do and now you can look at them and see them in a whole different light, for some of us it's thanks to T we can look at and see their strength instead of saying why u tired all the time u never wanna do nothing ur such a buzz kill... see what i'm saying? so on top of that she so cool and everything else u've already mentioned yea ...she's so warm and fuzzy to me


Bree Nichols: I love her for many reason. She's incredibly talented, Her empowering inspiration as a sickle cell survivor, She's down to earth and could be your nieghbor but she's also edgy and bluntly honest....she won't hesitate to puck somebody in their place, she stands up for women, cares about being a positive influence, loves God and is very spiritual......I could be here all night. What's not to love?


Raina LeGarreta: Cause she fiiiiiierce! Lol jk I love T because of who she is, basically. She's inspiring, hilarious, super talented, unique, beautiful.. .and humble taboot! God blessed us all with an inspiring angel: Tionne Watkins. She's a light in all of our lives, the reason some of us became friends on here, and just an amazing soul. Love that chic!♡


Christy Wilks: Because she has helped me thru sooo much from the time I was young and listenin to their music as a getaway or for the message in it, all the way to now. I love that she's so amazing and down to earth. There's sooooo much more and I could go on for days, but that's jus bc she's so awesome lol. Love that lady to pieces


Misty Potter: I love T because of how STRONG she is. Regardless of what she has been thru and continues to go through, she keeps a smile on her face and keeps doing the "impossible". She respects herself and carries herself like NONE OTHER. SWAGG FOR DAYS AND BEAUTY OF AN ANGEL. She has inspired me and motivated me since i was a kid. And i will FOREVER BE GRATEFUL for the positivity she brings into my heart, soul, and mind..... LOVE U TIONNE!


Kennisha Clayton: I love everything about T! Her strength is crazy, she's one of the strongest women I know, she lets no obstacles get her down. I love her determination, she made liars out of every person who's said to her "You Can't". She's been faced with life ordeath health issues and continue dealing with sickle cell but never complain, through it all she still manage to have compassion for other people,she's thoughtful,caring, funny,talented, beautiful, humble feisty,crazy,cool and did I say strong. I love that even when she was sick she still found time to check on me when I was in the hospital! I love how down the earth she is, and how inspiring she is. I love her work ethic and her drive. She has a way of motivating people with out knowing that she's doing it. She is herself at all times, what you see is what you get. I love how real she is. She is the same in person as she is on TV, when she laughs she makes me laugh! I can go on and on so will stop here!


Jocelyn Rivas: EVERYTHING!! Especially that humor of hers. Why why why is she so damn funny?



Tandra Calloway: She's been my inspiration since 10 because of her ability to never complain with everything she's been thru in her life and also have positive outlook on it all no matter how much things get rough


Alvynique Adams: Oh my gosh, where do I start? Honestly, I don't care about how well she sings or dances. Or how many awards she has, or how much money she makes, or how many records she's sold. Believe me, those are damn good accomplishments, but honestly I can't relate to any of that. But what I can relate to is being so low that you feel like giving up. Or feeling like you have every reason in the world to just quit completely. But knowing at the end of the day, that you're put on earth for a reason and it's not time to. Tionne has been thru struggles and dealt with pain, both emotionally and physically, that I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy. She Knows struggle, hard times, heartbreak, loss, and hurt because she has experienced it firsthand. She could've given up a LOOONG time ago but she didn't...she has every right to be bitter and complain but she doesn't. She's a happy, God-fearing woman, who just wants to LIVE and continue to be HAPPY, and help others along the way. And She's proud of what she's done with her life and she's still humble. Tionne, TO THIS DAY is breaking records, and has made a name for herself. She also brought life into the world (although they said she couldn't) when she was expected to lose hers 14 YEARS AGO!! Amazing right?!! This blessed, talented, strong, loving...the list just goes on, woman is AMAZING. That's why I admire the heck outta her. Her stubborn ass is a fighter, and best believe SHE AIN'T GIVING UP. She is the face of TRUE strength. And Idc, I HONESTLY believe that her TRUE purpose on Earth is to be a role model. God blessed her with amazing talent and strength, and he wants her to use it to be loved and inspired by the world. Tionne knew she was gonna be famous and successful, but I bet didn't expect half of the accomplishments and impact she has made and will continue to make. That's my SHEro, right there


Alair Scott: I love her strength, compassion, and down to earth sensibility. She is beautiful both inside and out. I love that she shares so much of herself with the fans. I love her raspy, soulful voice and how it stands out on everything that she sings. She is great dancer and it comes her soul.


Candis Lamaria James: I love me some T-Boz because she's honest real and loving. She has a zeal for God and Jesus, always keeping them first. Also, a down to earth person that don't care about what people say. She moves forward and gets to the money! #iLoveMeSomeHer


Telly Johnson: She is a survivor of many sorts . She has overcome so many obstacles in her life .Still came out of top smiling . Showing her fans to never give up no matter what. Plus i have a deep voice and when i was little i could sing just like her . LolBut my voice was something i was always embarrassed about but when i sang i wasn't. She was and is always the cool one . I love that about her personality and she is funny as all get out . She is just great all around . That's why i love T . 


Karlissa Kimble: Ooooo why I love T? Wow this is gonna be a while. Lemme look in my box full of admiration for T so I can make sure that I dont forget anything. Lets see....Ok I love T because she is soooooo down to earth. She has a big heart. There's no person like her. She has been through hell and back. I bow down to her. She is a fighter. I love her so much and applaud everything she has done and is currently doing. She is my biggest admiration. I feel sorry for anyone who doesnt know T or her personality. I've loved T since I was a wee lil pea. Literally cuz my mom and dad played TLC all while I was growing up and Tboz just stood out to me. She is funny as hell. Everytime I have a bad day YouTube becomes my best friend cuz I instantly look up interviews about Tboz cuz I know its not in her personality to not have a funny moment. And even if she isnt tryna be funny just her laugh and/or smile will make make my day. Sometimes I try to let everything that I know about T sink in cuz I know she has been through alot. Bankruptcy, Sickle Cell, divorce, Lisa's passing. Its so much that she has been through but she lets God carry her and shape her into a strong independent woman. She always has an open mind and she will let people know if they have crossed the line. U can't help but have love and admiration for her. She is like a second and third mom to me cuz she gives excellent advice and she has her priorities in check. ✅I love me some T and I dont think I would be aware of some of the world's challenges if it wasnt for her. I know she gets a kick outta proving people wrong cuz they said she wouldn't live past 30 nor have children👪 yet she will be celebrating her 45th birthday this year🎊 and she has Chase who is 14. I love people like her cuz she has determination and drive. She doesnt take no for an answer. If she wants something, she will get it. And so far she has


Jacquline Smith: there was time when i did like TLC or any girl group but God know how to change your mind give care and respect for someone else i watch tboz grow and mature in past few years she so beauitful and her faith in God what drew me to her such strong woman her life testimony is amazing tell of power of God She is a bless bless woman May God continue to bless her with strengh and good health


Olivia Spangenberg: She's amazing and always so positive and so humble. Love how she doesn't take anything for granted. I love what she and TLC stand for. I grew up listening to them since the age of 11. But it's not till now that I truly appreciate who they are what they stand for. T is just amazing how she bounces back and doesn't complain. Sometimes I get a cold or something and feel like I'm gonna die lol, but then think how hard it is for. I've never cared so much for someone that I only sorta know lol. I love that's she's a work horse but it also makes me worry for her health. I also love how her (and TLC as a whole) have allowed me to meet and connect with so many awesome ppl in the TLC army and gave me some of the best friends I've ever had


Crystal Kriz Golden: Where do I start... honestly T is the reason Why I noticed TLC and lol I was a 7 year old kids when I first heard the boos Baby Baby Baby I was hooked to TLC I knew TLC not by name but because of T voice ...I remember seeing Creep for the first time...I was at a laundry mat with my mom a kid was asking the attendant to change the channel and told her to stop when he saw Creep...I saw T and knew exactly who it was lol that group who sung my fav song Baby Baby Tboz was my first female crush she is just...omgggggg AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG I love her she is Beautiful inside and out I find myself having so much in common with T she is laid EVERYTHING she is about inspiration, role model, legend, iconic, trendsetter, beautiful being. I literally feel that she is an angel in earth. Honestly have you ever met such a beautiful person one who looks obstacles in its face... Laughs at it and overcome whatever tries to stop her.. On her bad days she still have a smile on her face... She is more than just a crush she is my inspiration.. My idol.. My hero... Anytime I feel down and out she mysteriously pops up on twitter and or post a video bringing a smile on my face lol like she knows or feels that her imaginary boo is having a bad day.. I love her strength she is the true definition of a STRONG WOMAN.. My love for her is more than words I could go on and on but you ever catch yourself smiling about someone trying to find the words to explain how much they mean to you but everything you say would never amount lol Yea that's me right now... Tionne Watkins I love you beautiful


Brittanie Hardy Sidebottom:  Hmmm where to begin lol. Her strength, she's taught me that you can go through a hurricane's worth of crap in your life, and as long as you believe in yourself and God you can come out of it and be ok. She helps me see that anything is possible if I put my mind to it. She also shows real love to her fans, which is rare\unheard of nowadays. I've had self esteem issues my whole life, and her writing\singing Unpretty has helped me start to see that I'm beautiful just the way I am, no matter what anyone else says. I'm still a work in progress with that, but I'm getting there lol. Love T-Boz\TLC with everything in me!!!  


Natasha Towns:  What I love about T is her will to push forward. She takes negativity and turns it into motivation. I love that she uses her status for the good instead of flaunting it like others (no names 🙊). I love her positivity, how thru every bad situation she realizes that things could be so much worse. I admire how humble she is because you hardly ever find people in the industry like that. She's brave, intelligent, determined, strong and dope as phukk! everything that I hope to be. She's beautiful inside and out. She always stresses that she's HUMAN, which is what I think i love the most. And although i know she's HUMAN I always see her as so much more. To me she's that super hero that can concur all. Wonder woman ain't got shit on Tionne! She will forever be my role model. And there will never be a way to express my gratitude!


Cyrnie: I've been a fan of TLC since '92. Since the age of 9 (yes i was 9 in '92 listening to Tlc lol) she's always been that one person who demanded respect, but also gave it back! Tboz is the type of person to walk into a room and change the atmosphere. Over the course of years I began to look at her not as a celebrity but as a phenomenal woman who has matured so much through many storms of adversity. If I could sum Tboz up in one word it would be COURAGEOUS! Even through her illness she has the ability to fight, love, and endure. She has such a huge heart for others (which is why I'm so drawn to her spiritually) her strength is amazing, her faith in God is unmoveable, and her desire to help others are a blessing, and her ability to love SELF-LESS(not selfish) and unconditionally is so Christ like and i thank God for allowing her to be an instrument that will show love wherever she goes...


Monique Rochelle: Tboz is like my highest inspiration in life. For starters she was the first female artist as a child in 1992 the I drew to. Thinking back it had to be the blonde hair pretty face deep voice and cool way of dancing. She always came across as mature and had life figured out. Adored her style. When Tboz came in my life musically I was about 10, and I loved her ever since. Reading about her in word up magazine seventeen mag and whatnot lol I learned she was always in a hair salon and that inspired her since of style. I looked up to that because my grandmother rip always went to my aunts salon to get her hair done. Made me grow as a young girl. Tboz style music creativity is a big deal to me because she so unique and one of a kind. I relate to her so much. Even tho she hasn't met me personally I still to this day have dreams of like being in her presents. I did get a chance to see her once and met once as well and I love re living those moments. Whoever gets to know Tionne Tenese Watkins have a true blessing in there life. She is in mine and I don't know her "like that" even tho it seems like it. She also inspires a lot of my creativity with me creating styles and hair colors for my clients. Can't forget how she takes care of her health! She awesome! Love how she is becoming more personal with her fans too. It's a dream come true! She's still today my favorite female artist! #tboz#tlc #mtb #tlcgirl #tlcforever