What's Your Favorite T Hair Era??? The Fanpage Puts It to a Vote!!!

So… Can we talk about something a lil random for a minute...??

Ok, so maybe it’s not completely random since it’s part of the reason the world loves T and her style…


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! We ALL drool over Tionne’s many hair changes… Just a small change of her hair leaves us all inserting praise hands emojis under all her Instagram pics.

But…which era of T-Boz is her BEST hair era??? Is it the red joint from “No Scrubs”? Is it the blue streaked, blond from the 3-D era??? Or is it one of her day to day styles…More Tionne than T-Boz???

Hard question, huh? Well, we asked the fanpage to tell us their TOP T Hurr looks and got TONS of responses…Almost all different! But we were able to narrow it down (barely) to a TOP 5…

Wrote a post about it…Wanna see it?? Here it go!!!


5.  “Crooked Smile” Hair

LOOOOVEEED this look from the IHEART Radio performance with J-Cole! It was Totally T-Boz with a slightly different swag! Really, this entire look was LIFE!!!! T was serving Rocker Chick Realness and we were all COMPLETELY here for it!!!


4.  3-D, Girl Talk Days

I’m sure that we all agree that this hair was AMAZE! It was almost completely different from anything she had ever done…but then not. The blue in it just added another dimension of YESSSSS-ness and fit that “Girl Talk” video perfectly.


3.  2014-15 Hair

We’ve loved almost every hair decision T has made in the past year! It seems like the absolute fav from this time last year to now is this from the Tour promo photo shoot! It’s even this website's home pic…It’s just THAT perfect!!!! It’s giving old school T with a new school flava… Hair DEFINITELY Life Everlasting!!!


2.  FANMAIL!!!!!

MmmmmHmmmmm…Say what, say HUH?? We COULD NOT leave out Fanmail! There were soooo many styles to choose from! It seems like she had different hair in every video and performace!!! BUT… “Unpretty” and “No Scrubs” are by far the top 2 of that time period! How can 2 styles so different both be SOOOOOOOO damn dope!?!?!?! “Unpretty” was giving us goddess, queen, flowly , softness… while “No Scrubs” gave us edgy, sexy, hot T-Boz-ness!!! Just…YESSSSSS!!!!


And the NUMBER 1 T HAIR…


1. “CrazySexyCool” Era!!!
of course… *Insert praise hands, ugly cry emojis





CSC completely solidified T’s spot in fashion icon history…When you say T-Boz from TLC…This is the era most people think of automatically. This is when all 3 girls fully owned their sexy and it showed. This is the era when EVERY girl…Black and white…asked their hair dresser for a “T-Boz cut”…Many tried…and many failed…Most just…Tried it… But NO ONE did it…or will EVER do it…Like our T…

There's more styles that aren't posted here...I think it's safe to say that we adore just about any style choice T makes!!! Fashion Icon Status!!!

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