"No Introduction" Live In Manila; Mega Fan Gets Breakfast Of A Lifetime!!


Thats all we have to say...  

Yessssssssss! And maybe some praise hands emoji!!  

So... y'all know how the boos were in Manila this weekend?? 

Well Mega Fan, Charmaine, was blessed enough to be able to see them perform... in MANILA!!!!!!! Like... whaaaaa?  

Anyway, she was able to keep all of the fan pages posted with everything that was going on, and how the crowd responded to the girls (which... they loved... duh). She even got some EPIC video of some of the songs... including this one of "No Introduction"


Ugh!!! Cannot WAIT for all of this to come to the states.... *waits our turn patiently* 

Now... if that wasn't enough to put Charmaine in a good mood til the new year... it got better!

So the next morning, Charmaine heads to breakfast, sits down at her table and realizes... 

The girls are having breakfast across the room from her!!!!!!!  

After breakfast Chilli called her over (apparently Charmaine approached her in the buffet line, Chilli remembered and called her over when he and T had finished eating. Love those girls!) 

She says they chatted for a while and she even rode the elevator with T!

(By the way, I'm totally paraphrasing her story but you get the idea) 

Soooooo  fun! And we're beyond excited for her! 

And there is a too cute selfie to go with the experience ! 



Love it! Even more proof of how much the girls love their fans and appreciate the support and love we give back!!!!!  

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