*Insert Praise hands and crying emojis*

Tbozunplugged was a HUGE success!!!

It MAY have even been the best one to date!

T and her team have been working their asses off since last year to pull this off!!! And the result... well, was LIT!!!

First off... T looked GORGEOUS!!! Like Heaven in a studded, flannel top!!!!  Yessssssss!!! *sigh*


Second, the crowd was huge and SO HYPE!!! They knew every word to almost every song, every artist performed!! The TLC Army represented like we knew that they would (and always do)! There was so much love in the room... for T and for the cause she was raising money for, it's hard not to be touched.

Da Brat performed first and did her thang... 


The Brat-tat-tat-tat did all the songs she is famous for. The ones that your 90s kid self still knows all the lyrics to and when it comes on you can't help but to sing it and give your best Da Brat imitation!!! Oh... that's just me?? Ok, well never mind. *sideeyes all of you*

Naughty By Nature was up next...

They did the damn thang... Damn near stripping in the process!!!! I don't know if Treach was hot or just crunk but...


hen Uncle Snoop did his set!!!!! How much do we love him. So cool, so westcoast. So... Snoop. I could go see him live, like, every damn day. He did all his number 1's... back to back to back! So dope! Everyone who was there said he was AMAZING!!! 


Then... the Goddess herself came to bless us with an hour long set!!!


Of course she performed some of her TLC hits, including a super cute, super special Unpretty duet with her daughter, Chase (who as she gets older looks SO MUCH like T!! SO CRAZY).


She FINALLY performed "Someday" live!!! Like... LIFE!!!! Ugh! That song is amazing and needs to be a single somewhere ASAP!

She also did a cover of Rapael Saddiq's "Still Ray" that was EVVVVVERYTHINNNNNNG! T's rasp in that song... CHILLS!!!

Too many dope moments to name (Hopefully we will be able to get you the entire show at some point). Even those of us who were dealing with the frustrating streaming situation could see that the show was beyond successful and are super happy for her and proud of her. 

We are always so proud T and everything thing she does to support the Sickle Cell community. This show took a lot of work and raised thousands of dollars to help find a cure and to help those who are living with the disease live a better, healthier life. It's not an easy road for any of them, including our T, so we pray for them everyday and we should all do what we can to help!

T is a role model for us for so many reasons and her caring for other people is just one of those. Even though she has her struggles with Sickle Cell, she's never let it stop her. She's always there for a listening ear and advice for people who not only have Sickle Cell but for anyone going through a rough time health wise or other. Her Dopeness definitely reigns supreme and we love her!! And her fans definitely give thanks for her and her life on the daily! 

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