TLC on Netflix and... Lefteye Bump Boxx Auction Winner!!


First things first...

Y'all saw Once In A Lifetime Sessions with TLC on Netflix, right!?!?!?!?!?



If you haven't... TOTALLY sideeyeing your fandom right now (well, unless you don't have Netflix or if you live out of the US). 


download (1).jpg

It is AMAZING! Sooooo good! 

If you're a huge TLC fan then you probably knew everything that they talked about in the interview but it's still great to see them talking about Lisa and their years together... ON NETFLIX!!!!!! *insert praise hands emoji*


And the concert is life!!! All of the fans who went said it was good and it definitely didn't disappoint. If you look closely you can see some of our TLC/Tbozfanpage family in the audience!!! So jealous. 

Anyway. If you haven't seen it and it is available to you, go ahead and add it to your watchlist!! Watching it once is not enough!


We have a winner for our Lefteye Bump Boxx auction!!!!

Thanks Bruce Ybarra for placing the winning bid!!!

*hits Wayback Dance* 

Hopefully we will have some Unplugged info for y'all soon! 

Stay tuned.


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