Cop This 1 Of a Kind, Lefteye Bump Boxx

We have something DOPE for you guys!! 

Y'all remember the Bump Boxx that Tboz's manager got her for her birthday and that Chilli got on her birthday??? 

Well... We have a ONE OF A KIND, NEVER TO BE MADE AGAIN Lefteye Bump Boxx!!!!  

Bump Boxx is the largest, LOUDEST Bluetooth enabled boom box on the market. This one is custom made and will never be produced again, so if you're a huge TLC/ Lefteye fan... This is once in a lifetime!!


-We are helping to auction of this Bump Boxx...



- All proceeds are going to T's event, T-boz Unplugged... No money is received by Tbozfanpage... (If you win we will contact you on where to send the money and get shipping info)

- Auction will run for 2 weeks... From July 21- August 5 2018.  

- Bidding starts at $750 This particular Bump Boxx valued at over $1000 (Remember, it's custom and will never be made... For anyone...again).  

- You can place a bid by going to Tbozfanpage on Facebook and find the auction in our Events. Comment with your full name and the amount of your bid. Then FB message us your contact info (phone number and email address) in case you win. 

- If you would rather enter anonymously... Send your bid to and we will enter you.  Put AUCTION in the subject line of the email. 

- Person with the highest bid by MIDNIGHT (PST) on August 5th will win the auction and be contacted by a member of our team to solidify payment and shipping.

If you don't want to bid, That's cool... just don't forget to SHARE!!!!! This blog post or the event on FB!!!! All money helps our T put on the best T-boz Unplugged possible and to give her charity as much money as possible!!!!

*PLEASE REMEMBER... bidding on the box commits you to buying it if you win. SERIOUS BIDS ONLY 

**The money is going straight to T-boz Unplugged... NONE comes to the fanpage in any way.  

Toya R.Comment