TLC Performs For San Diego Pride!!


TLC headlined San Diego's LGBT Pride Festival!!!!

And from the looks of it... it was AMAZING!!!

This was, surprisingly, the very first time TLC has played a Pride event. The girls have always been spokeswomen for individuality, loving who you are and never feeling that you have to be anyone other than yourself, not to mention their LARGE gay following, so we have NO idea why no one thought of this sooner!!

It was  match made in heaven! 

The crowd was HUGE and everyone was living for the girls (of course). TLC sang all of their hits and some of the new stuff... giving fans that fell off a lil, some time to catch up. 

Fans who attended the concert all said how seeing the girls live was a dream come true and that this was their bucket list concert.

There was even a lil 4 year old cutie who attended his his first pride AND his first concert! So cute!!

We are sooooo proud of the boos helping San Diego celebrate love and acceptance. 

There are so many people (young and old) who feel like they don't belong because of the way they look, the way they talk, the way they dress... or... who they love. It means the world for them to know that the people they look up to the most, care about and accept them exactly the way they are without judgement or prejudice. I'm sure last night meant a lot to a lot of people.

Check out some pics below! 


Celebrate Love Y'all!!!!


Toya R.Comment