Tbozfanpage's T-boz Unplugged Insider!!!



If you weren’t at Avalon Hollywood for Unplugged last night… I don’t know what to tell you. I’m sad for you and you should be sad for yourself. You missed a BOMB show!!!

There’s really no way you can go wrong with Kid-N- Play, Shanice and ummmm…. our T!!

EVERY artist did their thing and was amazing!!

And boo?? Well, you know she was perfect! Lookin’ like perfection and sounding like life! I’m not even going to get into when she stopped the band and sang Baby, Baby, Baby acapella!!! And PERFECTLY!!! Whooooo does that??? sigh… I completely, OVERLY got my life!!!

T was definitely in her element last night. It’s always fun to watch her have fun on stage. She worked the stage like the icon she is and kept the fans entertained and in awe all at the same time… Total icon, sh*t!!!

*Insert praise hands emoji*

Here’s a lil video of the experience from a fan’s perspective. It’s not the entire show, just a few clips. But it will give you a little bit of the Unplugged experience and show you why people go every year! It really is a dope show!!! If you ever get the chance… GO!!! And if you have a chance for VIP… DO IT!!! Not only will you get the show of a lifetime but you’ll be helping out a really worthy cause that doesn’t get enough attention!

Ooooooooohhh!! P.S. doe!!!

Ignore the fans singing in background!!!!! You can’t blame folks for being SUPA, DUPA hyped when T hits the stage!!!! We all be gettin’ caught up and stuff…