TbozFanPage Turns 4 Today!!


*Sing it with me*

Do you know what today issss? It's our anniversary.


We FO' this month, y'all!!!

4 years of fanning...

4 years of stanning...

4 years of laughing...

4 years of friendship!!!

Who knew that a group that started with some fan's T-boz obsession, would turn into the lil family we are today!!!

This page was made to celebrate and support a woman, legend, inspiration, and icon whose impact on pop culture and our own lives is immeasurable. Tboz style, class, badassness, crazy sense of humor and heart has touched us all and we are forever grateful. Many of us have made memories of late night Twitter sessions and fan encounters that could probably fill up an entire book alone.  

So... thank all of you for continuing to support our boo and this page!!!!



Toya R.Comment