"A Sick Life" Book Signing; AOL Build Series Interview

For the past couple of days, our T has spent her time in NYC promoting her new book A Sick Life. 

It's been a busy couple of days but the promo for the book has been amazing!

We were able to attend a couple of the events that went on yesterday. 

The first was an interview for the AOL Build series. 



This was such a good interview. T spoke about her book and what it was like to write it. She talked about TLC (of course) and how connected she is to her fans. There was an audience Q&A with REALLY good questions about how to support loved ones with Sickle Cell Disease and advice on the music business. 

T was adorable and personable as usual. She also looked FLYYYYY as hell in an amazing burgundy outfit!  The video is HERE You should definitely check it out if you missed it!



Then was the A Sick Life book signing at Barnes & Noble, Union Square in NYC. 



The turnout for this was AMAZING!!!! The love for T was SOOOOOO THICK!! Soooo many fans and sooooo much love! It was beautiful to see and experience. 

There was an interview and  short Q&A, followed by T signing a million and one books and taking a million and one pics with fans! You can see the Fan Pics in our GALLERY!

We should have video of the book signing interview soon!!!

Once again we want to take time to say how proud we are of T. She was so poised, beautiful, passionate and FUNNY!!!!!! It's always easy to see why so many gravitate toward her. She's doing the damn thang and we are always super grateful to be able to support.

Now... If you don't have the book... GO GET IT!! Its available EVERYWHERE!!! 


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