A Dollar for $sickle Cell


We have something we need y'alls help with!! 

As many of you know, TbozFanPage has always been about raising awareness for the Sickle Cell community. Our fave and some of our fanpage family struggle daily with Sickle Cell Disease so it's really close to everyone's heart who's on the fanpage.  

You guys also know that the 4th annual Tboz Unplugged is right around the corner (Sept 27). We're usually really good about getting T gifts around that time of year and this year is no different. But instead of a physical gift we wanted to do something even more special and something more lasting than a gift from a store. We want to do is raise as much money as we can for the Sickle Cell charity that she supports through Unplugged.  

Yes... yes... yes... 

We've raised money before.  

But with over 12,000 people on the page never as much as we know we COULD. So here is what we're asking... 

We would like EVERYONE on the fanpage to give just $1 to help Sickle Cell. Just ONE DOLLAR! That's all we're asking. Of course give as much as you see fit, but if everyone in the page gives at least that we could make a HUGE difference.  

Send money to PayPal.me/TbozFanPage by SEPT 15th!!! 

Once all money is collected the plan is to try to present the money to T at Unplugged (we haven't ironed out all the details of that but hopefully we will soon. We're going to try to make it visible so you know that your money went directly where it was supposed to go. We will keep you posted about how we plan on delivering the money) 

This money will be on behalf of EVERYONE on the fanpage! 

So... share this with everyone you know on your personal pages... If you can, get family and friends to donate also...  but remember... WE WANT IT TO BE A SURPRISE!!! So don't go posting about it on IG and twitter and tagging T in it! So shhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! 

We also want to make this special for T and our biggest fundraiser EVER so we want EVERYONE involved!!  

We want to Thank all of you for being a part of our little fanpage family!!

Much love and light!  

Toya R.Comment