American Gold = Perfection

With a week to go before the album officially drops, the girls gave us a new song to tide us over...

American Gold...

We've been waiting for this one, and as we expected... it is PURE PERFECTION!!


"Pride starts wars
Seems love has died
Too soon... when will we try?
I’ll give breath to save your life
Bombs are falling from the sky
I’ll be bold enough to fight
By your side…. by your side"

Giving us that lyrical content that the boos are known for... GENIUS... LIFE... EVERYTHING!!!

It's haunting, it's moving, it's beautiful... just... There's really not enough words to describe the song. If you aren't completely moved by this song... you have NO feels... like at all...

This album is coming together to be just as bomb as we thought it would be!!!! SOOOOO excited... 7 days y'all!!! You ready???

If you haven't gotten into it... Do it...



Toya R.Comment