TLC Does London!!!


We are SUPA late with this post we know...  

But better late than never!!!  

And really... you can never be too late spreading TLC love!  

So as y'all know... our girls went to London last week to perform at Koko London... and well, basically, SHUT IT DOWN!!!!! 

We didn't get to go cuz... well... London... but some of our peeps did! And the reviews are AHHMAZING! They performed 3 new songs (It's Sunny, Way Back and Joyride) along with the classics and looked and sounded... *insert praise hands emoji* 

Those of us not lucky enough to be in London got a lil sneaky peek courtesy TLC's official Facebook page (*whispers* If you run to their page it's still up!!!). So bomb!!!  

They even had time to perform for a private event for Tiffany's the next day!!!  


Here are some pics in case you've been living under a rock...  

Go check out our Show Pics gallery for more!! And check out our Facebook and Instagram for even more and some video!!  


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