TLC Album Release Date Set!



So excited we could cry!!! Like literal tears... Ugly cry happy tears!  


The release date for the new album has been set for... 

JUNE 30, 2017!!!!  

*Does praise dance*  

Not only that... but... 

Video filming and photoshoot are April 18, 19, 20!!  

This is really happening people!! *Breathe... just breathe*  


Check out the Kickstarter update from Bill Diggins, below!! 

It also seems as if the album title is not set in stone yet and the girls are looking for some inspiration! So put dem thankin caps on and see what you come up with! They need our input!!! 

This is an exciting time for TLC fans!!!! Can't wait to go this "Joyride" with them!! *Insert praise hands emojis...* 


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