TLC's New Single, WAY BACK, is LIFE EVERLASTING!!! And A Lil Letter To Our Boos



By now most everybody has heard "Wayback", the first single off of TLC’s upcoming album. If you haven't, ummmm... where have you been and run to iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play RIGHT NOW and download it!!

We’ve been waiting for new TLC music for a while now and… They DID NOT come to play with y’all. The track is SICK! The old school vibe is just what is needed today. The smooth sound, laced with T’s DELICIOUS (the only word I have to describe it) rasp singing the lyrics, Chilli’s super sweet vocals added to the hook ANDSnoop’s CLEAN ASS verse sandwiched between the verses… Just a 4 course meal of YESSSSSSSS!!! And we devour every damn 3 minutes and 47 seconds of the dopeness.

We may be biased but, this song is definitely something special and if you find any reason not to think this song is not as fire as it is… then… you’re probably just some random internet troll or your taste in music may be slightly questionable. Either way… we’re giving you the blank face and side eye emojis.

For most people, you like the song for the (valid) reasons I mentioned above. But TLC fans… Hardcore TLC fans… I’m talm bout the ones that have been around and riding for the girls since the 90s and those that frequent fanpages like this one and TLC Army… we love the song cuz…

We and TLC go WAYBACK!!

*talking to the boos now*

This song gets all of us emotional. As fans, we’ve been through everything with  y’all. From the time you came out and took the world by storm , to the times when you were on the front pages for fires and the Grammys (you know which one I'm talm bout), to Lisa’s passing, T’s brain tumor and sickle cell difficulties, the biopic, going to see COUNTLESS shows… the list goes on.


But we’ve been there.  Through it all…

And in return you’ve been there for us. Not just through your music but by just being the beautiful women that you are. By taking the time to get to know us, your fans and showing us that you appreciate and love us just as much as we love y’all. You know us by name, where we live and what we’ve been struggling with. Even silly things like what our favorite TV shows are (T’s suggestions are always on point) and getting health advice (shoutout to the Qrganic Raspberry Leaf tea cramp remedy from Chilli and the Oregano Oil suggestion from T… The  Small things like that mean more to us than you could ever know.

And on top of all that, you’ve created a little family for us. As fans, we have our own little communities and what we call “FAN-mily” that would not have come about without you ladies. You have brought us together from every corner of the world and connected us in a way that no one else understands. We are a lil dysfunctional at times but in true TLC fashion, we are always there for one another. It really is a beautiful thing.

I know I speak for the entire TLC fan community when we say, we are beyond, BEYOND about the new album. We are so proud of you and EVERYTHING that you do. I know when a few of us heard it, literal tears were shed. To hear your voices on a track like “Wayback”…

You guys have given so much of your lives to us, the very least we can do for you is do all we can to make this album a success!!! And it will be!!! You have never disappointed us. As much as we miss Lisa, we know that you are making her proud.

 You are our Day 1’s, our boos, our guls. We love you to the moon and back and are grateful that we get to keep this ride going with you.

TLC Fan-mily

Toya R.Comment