T's Book, "A Sick Life", Coming This September!




T was back on the radioooo todayyyyyyy!!  

*praise hands emojis go here*  

She dropped some song titles from the new album that's coming this summer (We know you know about this! Or at least we hope you do. It's been everywhere!!!).

She mentioned a tour that should be coming up! Well, really... she didn't give any details of this tour other than... her "baby" Chase will be doing her makeup on tour!!!


Chase though, being a teenager, didn't really sound overly enthused. She was all... Maybe she would be more excited if she was doing Beyonce's makeup on tour!

Meanwhile, T fans are like... "Ummmm gimme a makeup brush!"

She also talked a little about her upcoming book, "A Sick Life". The book should be out September 12, 2017 and there WILL be pre-order info with some goodies attached later on. We just have to wait patiently! 


In other, TLC, news it seems as though the girls have been added to the lineup for the I Love the 90s Tour when it goes to Vienna, VA in September!!! Think it's only a spot date situation but apparently it's been confirmed. 

 *Runs to go ahead and get days off* 

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