Winner of Autographed T-Boz Hoodie... and TLC are Headlining a 90s Tour!!!

Ok, first order of business...

We reached our fundraising goal of $500!!!!!! Yessssssss!

Thank you to everyone who was able to donate!!! Especially those of you who donated 2 and 3 times, no matter how small or big the donation! Every little bit helped us to reach the goal!!!! ALL money raised will go to the Sickle Cell Foundation!!!!

We told you that we would pick a winner out of all of our entries... and we did! We went live today in the Facebook group and electronically pulled a name... (happened so fast, it was actually very anti climatic)

The winner of the hoodie was *drumroll*

Silvia C. (Not trying to give out somebody's government on the internets)

She will be contacted via email about where to send her prize!!!

Again... HUGE thanks to everyone who donated and who helped us spread the word about the fundraiser! If you didn't win, just know that your money is going to a good cause! When we donate the money we will be sure to post about it so that you know what's going on!! 

Great... that's out of the way...

So now... on to huge news that I know you've already heard...



TLC will be headling the "I Love The 90s Tour" this summer, starting in July!!!



They will be performing their hits... of course... along with some of dat new stuff y'all been hearing about!!  


The tour will also have acts like NaughtyByNature, Color Me Badd, Blackstreet and more on a rotating schedule! It's going to be DOOOOOOOOPE! And something you are NOT going to want to miss!!! 

We have all the show dates in the   Concert Dates/Tickets section of the website! Or check out Ticketmaster or the I Love The 90s website

Tickets go on sale on March 24! If we hear of any presale action we will hit you up!!!!  

Ugh!!!!! Wayyyyy too excited!  

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