TLC's Debut Album Ooooooohhh On The TLC Tip Turns 25!!!


It can't be!!! 

 But it's true!!!! 

Our girls' very first album,    Ooooooohhh On The TLC Tip, was released this day in 1992! 


When they hit the scene with Ain't Too Proud To Beg, we alll fell in love with their bright, baggy clothes, crazy down to earth personalities and their dope sound. That obsession continues to this day.


Ever since this very first album, it was clear that T-boz, Lefteye, and Chilli were not like other artists. They were ultra creative, crazy talented and were NEVER afraid to be themselves. And that headstrong individuality is what we fans will always love, hold dear and strive to immulate. 


We want to thank TLC for 25 years of ups, downs, love and all around DOPENESS!  We really can't imagine life without our boos... life would be a lot more boring and a lot less colorful that's for sure.  


We love you, ladies!! *Sending up love to our Lisa* 


- Tbozfanpage

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