A TLC Song for Every Emotion You Ever Felt...

YESSSSSS 90’s!! The best decade to ever decade!!!

What was not to love! Slap bracelets, CK1 cologne, the television shows (Can anybody say Martin and Living Single), the movies (Ummmm…Poetic Justice) and the fashion…well ok, maybe not all of the fashion… but if you grew up at any time in the 90s, chances are you look back at the decade with fond, smiley face covered memories (remember when EVERYTHING had a happy face on it. I had one on a baby T that had blinking eyes and a tongue that moved. My parents were not amused).

If you were a girl growing up in the 90s, you remember locking yourself in your room, in the dark, with a pile of C.D.s and your C.D. player because you had a fight with your friends. You remember BLASTING songs that you thought would repair your broken heart when your crush showed interest in someone who wasn’t you…Hellllllo…Did he not see the new Tommy Hilfiger outfit you were wearing…Did he not know that you guys were OBVIOUSLY meant to marry because you wrote your first name with his last name allll over your notebooks??!!! Don't worry girl... He trippin' and can't handle the fact that you are... THE BOMB!!

If you were like me, not much has changed since you got older. Friends still make you wanna fight the air sometimes and love definitely still goes unrequited. So being the 90s girl that I am, I still turn to my trusty 90s music to see me through the times when I just…can’t. My go to albums are ones by 90s female artists and girl groups. They all said everything I felt in my little teen aged, angst ridden heart that I didn’t have the words to say back then. Now that I have the words, they contain mostly 4 letters… *shrug emoji*

 Of ALL the girl groups, of all time, there is one group that never let me down when the world is just doing the most.  They are gutsy, they don’t take shit from ANYONE, and are the epitome of 90s cool and sexy…They are T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli; Or TLC!!!

Everything I ever needed to know in life I learned from a TLC song. Ok, maybe that’s a reach but the sentiment is the actual factual. They have a song for about every situation I’ve ever been in and I LIVE. Broken hearted… They have a song for that. Do you need a “Leave me the F**K  alone!! This is my life!!” anthem…They got that too. And you already KNOW they have socially conscious songs such as “Waterfalls” in their catalog! I swear to you… all you need is to get yourself a few TLC playlists and your emotional life is set! Want me to prove it? Don’t worry! I can do that!

So grab your TLC C.D’s and take a walk down memory lane with me. I’m going to walk you through every emotion or scenario you have ever had or been in… and the TLC song that accompanies it! If you are in the TLC Army... I know you have your own collection... But this will be TLC 101... Just in case there's any newbies out there. 

Album: Ooooooohhh On the TLC Tip


1.      Song: What About Your Friends


Emotion: Friends are wack sometimes


Lyrics: “Every now and then I get a little easy; I let a lot of people depend on me; I never thought they would ever deceive me; Don’t you know when times got rough I was standing on my own”


How many times have you made friends with someone, thought that you would be your homegirl forever…then… You hear from a friend, of a friend of a friend of your cousin’s play cousin…that you’ve been gossiped about by the very friend you assumed was down for you!!!!!! Or maybe you’re going through a tough time at work or school and you just know in your heart that your best sista/ girlfriend will be there for you to help you pick up the pieces. But..nope. It’s disappointing and has you walking around with the stank face for the rest of the day… but it happens. Just take comfort in knowing that everyone goes through it. Luckily, your life isn’t really ruined from it, although it really does feel like it at the time. This song tells you that it happens and to be on the lookout for the dreaded “Frienemy”. They’re out there y’all. Be aware!! OOOHHHHH! Case of the Fake People from CrazySexyCool could go here too…



2.      Song: Hat 2 Da Back


Emotion: Why do I always have to be a girly girl to be attractive? I am who I am…girly girl or tomboy…take it or leave it


Lyrics:  “Being that I am the kind of girl I am; Nobody can make me do what I don’t want to; I can be myself a lot; and I’m proud of what I got; So I’ll never change for you”


This song is basically saying…I’m my own girl/woman!! You don’t like it??? TOO BAD!!  I wear what I want, do what I want.  I don’t need anybody, telling me what a girl should wear, how I should do my hair or where I should go. I SLAY AT LIFE…And you WILL DEAL!!!



Album: CrazySexyCool


3.      Song: Creep

Emotion: You’ve found out that you’ve been lied to and cheated on…*insert blank face emoji* and you wish you had it in you to creep…Eye for an eye bish!!! But you love him/her so… Stay or go???


Lyrics: “The twenty second of loneliness and we’ve been through so many things; I love my man with all honesty but I know he’s cheating on me; I look him in his eyes but all he tells me is lies to keep me near; I’ll never leave him down, though I might mess around; Its only cuz I need some affection”


So… he cheated in the song… and T-Boz chose to creep. How you wish you were ballsy enough not to care and make him feel as horrible as you do (Karma!!!!). But instead you sing this song around your apartment with your girls while trying to do the dance in the video. All the while listing all the reasons why you’re better off without a cheating man whore in your life!! At least this makes you feel better in the meantime. It’s not as good as payback but at least its fun and less risky!! *insert Left-Eye’s “Creep” rap.*


4.      Song: “Diggin on You”

Emotion: That butterfly-y, palms sweating-y feeling you get when a cutie tells your friend that you’re cute. You’ve heard every line in the book but…getting to know each other caint hurt…


Lyrics:  “I must admit to you; I’ve heard them lines a time or two; Although for some apparent reason, monkey lines are now in season; Lights off, lights on; I guess the groove is on”


Yessssss! The moment when you’re out with your girls and a friend tells you

 “Hey, cutie over there wants your number!!!”

She drags you over and introduces you. You talk and you’ve heard almost every line being thrown at you a million time before, but for some reason…You are still interested! You exchange numbers because, ummm duhhhh, it’s love at first sight! This could be the best thing, or worst thing you’ve done. Only time will tell. 


Album: Fanmail


5.      Song: No Scrubs


Emotion: We ALLLLL know this song and the emotion!!! Deadbeat boys (or girls) GET TA STEPPIN *in my best Martin voice*


Lyrics: “No, I don’t want your number; No, I don’t wanna give you mine and No; I don’t wanna meet you nowhere; No, I don’t want none of your time”


Come on!! Every girl on earth has been through this!! Those guys who cat call, harass you for your number and are just basically annoying, coming at you with old 70s pimp line. NO!!!! I don’t want to talk to you! First off, yelling at me from across the street is NOT going to get me to want to come over and talk to you. Who stops and talks to and gives their number to some random guy yelling at me from a car?!?! Secondly…WHOOOO cat calls and whistles?!?!?! In 2017!!  Why??? For what reason?? Has that EVER worked for any guy? Ever?? Once you do that, then you get NO girl’s attention. Not even if you were the last guy on earth, holding the last pair of Louboutin’s on earth. Like…just… NO… All the nopes… Hell to the nah!


6.      Song: Unpretty


Emotion: Well, feeling unpretty…


Lyrics: “You can buy your hair if it won’t grow, you can fix your nose if he says so; you can buy all the makeup that MAC can make; But if, you can’t look inside you, and find out who am I to; be the position to make me feel so damn unpretty”


Again, something we’ve all been through and maybe still struggle with. This song dealt with the issue of girls and women feeling bad about themselves long before the terms fat-shaming and body- shaming were a thing. The song is still super relevant. We are constantly bombarded by images of women who seem to have it all and in our minds look like the ideal woman. We get into relationships hoping that the person will validate us and make us feel, well pretty. Then we become disappointed when the validation is not there or is not enough. We don’t realize that first we have to be beautiful to ourselves, flaws and all, before we can ever believe that we are beautiful to someone else. Every woman is beautiful. I wish that was something that every girl knew.


Whew…That got a little serious!!!! Let’s lighten it up a bit


Album: 3D


7.      Song: Girl Talk


Emotion: Juuuuustttt gossiping with your girls about the person you “go” with… And we DO talk!!!


Lyrics:  “Girl talkin’ got you all caught out there; Why you thinkin’ that it’s all about ya? Forget she told me everything about ya; But the girls are talkin’


This song is kind of a dirty song but totally sums up what girls do when we get together. Tell anything and everything about who we’re dating and our sex lives. Remember Samantha and company on “Sex and the City”? We may not all be as well dressed and drinking martini’s every Friday night (it’s more like, in your p.j’s watching Being Mary Jane with a glass of Moscato… but that’s neither here nor there) but I would bet money that the way they talked about things on the show, is the way you and your group of friends talk about…well…sex. Of course you wouldn’t admit any of it to your mom and you would be horrified if a neighbor happened to be walking by your door and heard any of it, but admit it, it’s a good time. A good girl talk session is every female’s rite of passage as they get older! Don’t tell too much though…You may find yourself back at song #3 singin’ “Creep” in your undies!!!


And last but not least…!

Album: TLC 20


8.      Songs: Meant To Be


Emotion: When you’ve found someone, either friend or lover, who just gets you…


Lyrics: “And though, it’ll get dark sometimes we know; Every now and then it’s got to rain; but when that rain starts to pound, all you gotta do is turn around; and you’ll find me right there, holdin’ you up, holdin’ you down”


Loooooooovveee this song *fangirl voice*!!! It is such sweet song! The song is really a song about the relationship of the girls in TLC. Everyone knows that they are close like sisters and remain close even after the death of Lisa.  It’s SUCH a good bestie song. This song gives you all the feels as it talks about being there for each other through the good times and the bad and the memories you’ve made together. You know, like that time she dared you to go skinny dipping…which ended with you being caught naked in a hotel pool with everyone coming out of their rooms to see hotel security pull you out. Or maybe the time when she went through a bad break up and you ran over to her place at 1 am with wine and cream puffs so that she could have a shoulder to cry on (yeah… that happened). If you have a bestie…then THIS is your song. Cuz let’s be honest…We all want a sisterhood like the girls in TLC, but if you look at your best girlfriends, chances are you already have it!

So, there you have it! Our girl power idols and their girl power anthems. Now,  go ‘head… Grab your homies, sing in your best T-Boz rasp and have a TLC dance off… I know I will…cuz I do it at least once a week!!!

What are your go-to TLC/T-Boz songs? You know... the ones you listen to when life is just... Extra... Let us know!

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