TLC in Montclair, NJ Last Night!!!!! We Were there!!!!



The girls had an AMAZING weekend of shows that ended last night in Montclair, NJ… and we happened to be there!!!


We were able to go to last night’s concert at the Wellmont Theater in New Jersey!!

O…M…G…! Seriously one of the best shows we’ve been to. And we’ve been to MANY!!!!

The girls did THE DAMN THANG!!! You hear me?!?!?! Like…put it down!!! Like…sang and danced for their lives and sh*t!!!! I was one huge praise hands emoji the entire time.

T looked gorgeous (of course) and sounded AHHHH-MAZING ( of course x’s 1000)!!!!

Chilli looked fab and toned and was hittin dem notes… as usual!

And both girls were definitely feeling and feeding off of that TLC Army energy… And there was A LOT of it… TLC Army took of almost the entire floor section!!!!!

The set list was all:


And here are some highlight’s… Now, in full disclosure… I was too busy getting my complete and EN-TIRE life so my videos are scarce… AND… I swore I got video of Meant to Be… But it disappeared from my phone. Either that or I was in TLC heaven and had no real clue how to use my camera. Not to mention we were SO CLOSE that getting decent video was actually difficult! That’s a good problem to have I guess… Either way… I don’t have it anymore… But here is what I do have.  OH!!! And I got TLC Army member, Phil’s, Red Light Special lap dance!!!


As always, I am SO proud of our girls!!!! They really did that amazingly last night. Like, I was almost emotional! Watching them perform is always one of the highlights of my year. To see them still in the game 20 + years later, and doing well, and looking beautiful and healthy and still loving their fans!!!! It’s completely beautiful and I feel completely blessed each and every time I am lucky enough to see them.

So… Looks like next show for us will be Tboz Unplugged since the girls will be heading to Australia soon! WAAAYYYY beyond excited for that!!! Hope to see you all there!!! You really need to experience the bombness that is T on a stage by herself!!!! Nothing like it!!!!



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