T On "The Haunting Of..." and After Show Convo with T and Dem TLC Dancers!

I really hope you didn’t miss it yesterday!!!

Like… REALLY hope!


Did you get a chance to catch Tionne on LMN’s “The Haunting Of…”????




If you didn’t you missed out!!!

So… first off… “The Haunting Of…” is a show on Lifetime Movie Network where medium, Kim Russo, helps celebrities make sense of crazy paranormal activity that they have experienced in their homes.

T’s episode came on yesterday during a marathon, and it was sooooo good!

The entire episode was a little more intense and emotional than most of us thought it would be.

Kim Russo took T and her daughter Chase, back to a home that they moved out of because of all of the weird, creepy things that happened to them there. Even before they made it to the house Kim felt Lisa’s spirit around T and Chase (emotional part #1).

Once they got to the house she went through it room by room and explained the energy that was there and confirmed a lot of the things that T and Chase had experienced… Including the spirit of a little girl who was murdered by her father, who apparently follows Chase around to help protect her *insert shocked emoji*!

There is way too much to go into detail with here. Hopefully the episode will be online soon and we can give y’all a link… But the most emotional part was where Kim confirmed for T that Chase was her angel… That Chase’s mission here on earth was to come to T to keep her fighting for her life in those moments where her sickness wants to get the better of her. She confirmed that T has escaped death a few times because of her love for Chase.

This is something that T has said numerous times herself, but to hear confirmation of it brought her to tears… and all of us fans cried with her.

Kim also confirmed something for fans that we have known all along. That T has a light, kind spirit that she needs to protect at all costs. She sometimes gives way too much of herself to her career, fans and family. She feels the need to take care of everyone that she can in some way. It’s time that she starts taking care of herself and not letting any energy near her that is not loving and kind.


Let me stop before I get all emotional again and stuff. I could go on and on about this episode and how we all feel about T. But that’s another story for another day.

Like I said… I hope it’s available online soon… As soon as it is we’ll be sure to post it!


On another note:

T’s manager, Brian, blessed us with an epic insider video Friday night after the show.

He went live on Facebook with T and the TLC Dancers! They were just all hanging out being dope and ‘ish, talking about the dancers’ careers and cute insider facts about how No Scrubs came along.

Watch below!!!

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