T Shows Off Her Birthday Gift from Tbozfanpage & TLC Slays 2 More Shows

So first things first!!

T FINALLY sent us a pic with her and the birthday gift the fanpage gave her! 

We were sooooo excited to get this to her! The admins of the page worked a month getting the design together and getting contributions from fanpage members who wanted to help give our boo a bomb ass gift ( If you look closely you can see the names of all the people who were able to help out.).

It came out GREAT and she loves it!! Even has it on the road with her! Yesssss!!! Love it! And love her!!!

SIDENOTE: How CUTE does she look!!!! Ok, boo! We see you!!!!

If you didn't get to help out this time around... Don't worry... There are a couple'a more times this year you can be a part of giving T something cute!



It's been a busy last few days for our girls!! First they had a show in Rochester, then they played Richmond... Last night the gave Ohio they're lives and tonight Detroit got to get a little TLC!!! Sooooo many shows and sooooo much slayage.

We hear every show was amazing and thanks to a few fans who like to share the love... we got a few videos!!  Go check out the GALLERY for photos of the past few shows!!


Hard Rock Rocksino, Detroit

Chene Park, Detroit

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