T Speaks At The Crescent Moon Gala In Florida!!! Inspiration and Suprises!!

UGH!!!!  So much adoration today!!!!

So, last night, T spoke to people who attended a Sickle Cell Fundraiser in Tallahassee, FL. The Crescent Moon Gala is an annual gala whose proceeds go to help the Sickle Cell Foundation. 

The speech was personal and emotional for T. She spoke briefly but touched everyone in attendance. She spoke about her Sickle Cell diagnosis and what life has been like for her since. 

In true Tionne fashion she was full of advice and inspiration. 

AND she was full of updates!!!!!!

THE ALBUM IS COMPLETE!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Soooooo many yessssses!!!! And there is going to be a TLC world tour!!! So get your coins together!!!! It's time to hit the tour circuit!! 

And if that wasn't enough...

The secret that the fans have been waiting to hear is out... And we are SUPER happy to be able to say that Tionne has a new addition to her family!! Her son, Chance, is 10 months old and we couldn't be happier!!!!!!!! UGH!!! If you've been a T fan for a while you know that she's always wanted a son and now she's been blessed with one! How cute is that name?!?! Chase (her daughter) and Chance!! I absolutely can't with the adorableness!! This may actually be better news than the album!!!!!! The entire Tbozfanpage wishes T and her family the hugest congrats ever!! Chance and Chase are lucky kids to have such an amazing mom!!!

You can see the vids below!!