Did You See TLC Being SUPER Cute on Lip Sync Battle?? Watch The Video!

SOOOOOO cute!!

In case you missed it... TLC helped out Zoe Saldana on her final battle against Zachary Quinto on Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle!!!

It was praise hands emoji's from beginning to end as Zoe entered giving Lefteye/No Scrubs realness. Complete with ponytails and No Scrubs-esque wardrobe!

She made her entrance on a Chilli style swing and even killed Lisa's rap! Then of course the boos came out and it was BEYOND adorable! AND Zoe won!! But how could she lose with the girls on her team!

In the Facebook Fanpage group we talked about how it's amazing to see celebs fangirl over the girls as much as we do! Chrissy Teigen was almost in tears and LITERALLY bowed down to them! Such a dope moment! Just another small reminder that the girls are ICONS and if you've met them DO NOT take it for granted. Even if you just met them briefly... just for a split second... you were in the presence of musical royalty!! DON'T FORGET IT!

Anyway... I could go on and on... For now, just check out the video if you missed it! 

P.S. Zachary Quinto's "Get Your Freak On" is HYSTERICAL! Also worthy of a repeat watch!

Toya R.Comment