We went to Atlanta Funk Fest to see TLC and they were LIFE!

Yes... we were at Funk Fest...

Yes the entire show was AHHHMAZING...

And YESSSSSSSSSSSS the boos MURDERED the damn thang!

Oh... Ma Gawd!!!

So let's start from the beginning... 

First off.. .Funk Fest was a GOOD damn time. Think of the most lit family reunion ever, complete with fish fry and old crazy aunts and uncles doin the The Wobble! That... was Funk Fest! Sooooo many people, just living and loving 90s music... No drama... Just fun and music. Everyone knew every word of every song. It was great!

Jon B kicked off the show... he sang all of his 90s hits including Pretty Girl, Someone To Love and of course finished with everyone's jam They Don't Know! It took me COMPLETELY back to highschool!!! So many good times. Suuuuch a throwback and it put everyone in the mood for the upcoming acts.

After Jon B... Our 2nd favorite girl group SWV performed!!!


I'm seriously screaming right now!!!! So much life given!! They... were... EVERYTHING!!! They looked FAB and sounded even better!!! I kept screaming "SANG COKOOOOOOO"!!!!!! 

They gave us ALLLLL of our favs: Right Here, I'm So Into You, MCE, Ain't No Man... AND of course Weak!!!!! I can't even begin to  tell you how DOPE their voices are live!!! Like ALLLLLLLLL the damn Praise Hands Emojis!!! And on top of it all they were SUPER cute! Kinda like the girls... you wanna just hang out with them!!!

Once SWV left the stage there was some random party songs from the DJ then Master P was brought on stage to perform his 90s hits!

By this time the crowd had grown and was SOOOOO hype! 

And then it happened... those first few chords of What About Your Friends started... and T started in with her intro!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

From that point on... Complete slayage!!!!

The girls came out looking gorgeous as usual and were not in the jumpsuits that they've been rocking for the last few shows! Their style is always sooooo dope and out of the box. I always give them props for never following trends and staying true to that TLC style.

An-T-wayzzzz... back the show!!!

Fan, Shawndell, was sitting in VIP and was able to snag a set list... 


All of our favs!!! And it looks like there should have been Fanmail and Good At Being Bad should have been in the lineup but got cut for some reason... I know the show SHOULD have been an hour long, but was more like 45 minutes. I think Master P either went over or went on late and threw the time off a lil. But it was a great show either way

Last...but not least... Waterfalls!!! I don't know why but I LOVE seeing the girls do this song in Atlanta! Ok... I do know why. Its such a tribute to Lisa. Whenever you see the song live during a concert you can always feel Lisa's presence or at least your mind immediately goes to her. But in Atlanta...It's just 100 times more special. Atlanta is SUCH a huge part of the girls lives and Lisa is laid to rest there. It just... sigh...Its just super emotional for a fan!

The girls had the ENTIRE crowd ON THEIR DAMN FEET! Especially during Creep and No Scrubs. It seemed like everybody and dey mama was jammin'!! In my section EVERYBODY was singing and looked like they were having a blast! I felt like a proud little sister or cousin or sum. I always love to be in a crowd and see everyone's reaction to the girls and the fact that they still kill the stage and sound like they did years ago. You can see the memories flash across everyone's faces. You can tell the songs take them back to a fun moment in their lives and that they respect the girls for the icons that they are. It's truly a beautiful moment! Part of the reason I cry at TLC shows (don't judge me *emoji eyes*)


So... that was the girls section of the festival... After they left the stage there was more audience dancing (Ummmm... Tootsie Roll) and shenanigans. Then Babyface and New Edition closed everything down!! 

Atlanta Funk Fest really was a good time! And I would definitley do it again. I'm glad the girls had this opportunity to get out there and remind people why they are the HUGE names that they are! We NEVER forget but I think people who are not super fans like us do sometimes. I LOVE it when they put it down and leave everybody all "OMGawd that was GOOD". There was definitely rumblings through the crowd about how good of a show they put on. And I heard that from a couple of different fans spread throughout the audience! 

So all I have to say to that is... YESSSSS BOOS!!!!

The other fans and I left the show super satisfied and ready for more T, to the L, to the C

They're are a couple of other shows that have already been announced and I'm almost positive more as the summer goes on. So go stalk Ticketmaster to cop you some tix! Don't let the summer past without seeing them at least once!!!

If you need to see clips of the boos Funk Fest performance then head to our Instagram or Facebook page! 



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