TLC Rips TheStage At Big Hits Throwback Fest


Last night was showtime for TLC!

They performed for a PACKED house at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ!

And from what we've seen on social media... THEY KILLED IT! But really, do we expect anything else? Whether people know it or not, they STILL have soooo much love for our girls and it definitely showed last night.

Looking fresh to death in these oh so fly grey jumpsuits they SLAYED their 20 minute set (which luckily we were able to see via FB Live, thanks to die hard fans, Olivia and Casey), beginning with T's opening vocals to What About Your Friends. SOOOOOO much life... then they proceeded to keep the crowd hype with almost every hit single they've had during their 20+ year career! It was a short set, but anyone who had forgotten how dope our boos are quickly got together!!

You can always count on the boos to give a live ass show!!

Here are some pics if you haven't seen them all blowing up social media.We will also add them to the gallery! And make sure to check out our Instagram to see some fan video.

*Our photos were taken from a few different sources... Thanks to superfans Lura Pleickhardt and Monica Thomas for the fan taken photos and to Cyber TLC World for the others! An big ups to all of the TLC fans in attendance who made us all feel like we were there with there commentary, pics and videos*




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