DANCE!! Too Much Booty In the Pants!!!! (T and Her Dope Ass Dancing!)

Dance has always been a huge part of T and TLC.

Like… You can’t have TLC without the AMAZING dancing. All 3 girls are amazing performers and can legit SLAY a stage!! Like, have you on your feet sweating and screaming, on the verge of tears kinda slay (I know this from experience… don’t tell nobody)

T has always talked about how much she loved to dance. She’s a self- taught dancer and is one of the best out there. Her style is crazy smooth and effortless. Every step ooooozzzes that flava that only T-boz can serve you! Just smooth, cool, sexiness… without trying to be any of that!! *insert 10 praise hands emojis* She's right up there with Janet and Aaliyah for me when it comes to the dancing! Just LIFE!!!


I was watching some old TLC performances and thought I would share some of my top picks of times T almost had me shouting like I was in church with her dancing… It's rare for someone to be a TRUE artist as far as singing and dancing goes. There are singers that dance... And dancers that sing... But to put them both together is... a gift that only a few people have. And lucky for us... Our Boo is BLESSED!!!! 


So here are some vids...

Disclaimer: I didn’t put the Apollo performances and the 1995 VMA’s cuz… well… we talk about those all the time!! And this is NOT a complete list… just one’s I thought of off the top of my head…






#1 Oprah

Can we start with this performance on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1992???  Like… WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY???? I really cannot take the murderation. All three girls were SUPA lit for this! Like Lit Ultimate!!!  If you’re like me then your eyes are immediately drawn to T even when it’s not her verse. She puts just as much into the dancing as she does into the singing. THAT is a true performer.




#2 Arsenio Hall Show – Baby Baby Baby

Ok… this…THIS!!!!! There’s not much dancing but that “skate” in the beginning gives me all the life I could ever want!!!  Everything is SOOOOO together! And they look like they’re just having a good time. Doin’ what they know they were born to do… LOVE!



#3 Grammys- Waterfalls

Ok… Before we get into the dancing can we talk about how BEAT the girls were!!!! They look FAB! YESSSSS! Everytime I see this I’m just like… AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


Yesss for this performance!!! From beginning to end this performance keeps you entertained…



# 4 Mixtape Festival

I LOVE this performance! T must’ve KILLT that 8 count!!! Not only are the boos killing it but the backup dancers are holdin it down back there!!! If T didn’t come out SOOOOOO damn full out!!!! This is only the first part of the show… Youtube the rest! It’s worth your hour!!!





Ok… These are bonus videos because they’re official TLC videos that I know we’ve seen a million times!!!


AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I seriously cannnnnnn’t!!!! The dance crush is sooooo damn real!!!! Everything she does in this video is PURE PERFECTION… I have no other words other than… DANNNNCE BOOOOOOO!



No Scrubs

Ummmmm… Who else rewatches T dance shots over and over again! So understated… But SOOOOOOO fly!!!!



Girl Talk

Now… I know T has said this one of her least favorite videos choreography wise but… you can’t tell!! She serves EVERYTHING in this video. I wish it showed more ‘ography in the video! The dope factor is completely off the meter!!!! KILL IT BOO!!!


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