Shows, Album Updates and Contests: UPDATTEESS!

Don't know if you've heard... But you have 2... TWO chances to see TLC this spring!!!! 

The first is...  



Goin down in a few weeks in Newark, NJ!!!! Yesssss!! A throwback fest is right up our alley!!!! It's a huge lineup, so I hope you're ready to be sittin there for a while... Word on the street is that the Boos are going up last so... But at least it's a good buildup to the main event!!!! 

Go to ticketmaster if you want to hit this one up!  


The next is down south in our favorite city... ATL!!  



We're beyond, beyond about SWV being in the same lineup as our girls!!! THIS is going to be EPIC! The only thing is... It's a 2 day event and there hasn't been any word on which day the girls are performing...  

Go to the website or call the number to get tix!!! 

The Tbozfanpage will be at both shows... In full effect!! If you're coming, stop by the FB page or Instagram and let us know!!!  

There was also a bit of a album update yesterday! Boo was in the studio laying tracks for the new album!! And she gave us a sneak peek on what she was working on... Check the video below!!! 



Annnnnd... One other update!  

On iCraft/ My Block radio last Friday, T announced a lil contest!!! Go download the Wurrly app and record a TLC song. Put it on Twitter and tag @therealtboz and @wurrly and you could win a prize!!!! They will be choosing winners later this week so go do it now!!!!!!  

Ok... I think we've caught you up on eerything!! Go ahead and get those show tix and record your song!!! Can't wait to see them!


Toya R.Comment