5 Times (Out of a Million) That T Was A Work of Art:

Well... Here's the time to make T blush and be like "y'all crazy"!! 

Juuuuuussst because I was bored and took to pic stalking boo... And every time I even just catch a a glimpse of her I'm like "COME THROUGH, T!!!!!!!!" 

Now... Time for a disclaimer:  

We T fans do not only love our boo cuz she's Beaut DOWN!!! (And she ISSSSSSS Gorgeous)... There is definitely more to the fandom than that... And we will CONTINUALLY post about the many reasons we love her... 

But... Don't get it twisted... The slayage is SOOOOOOOOO damn real... At all times!!!  

So without further ado... 

5 (of the thousands) Times T was a work of Art and COMPLETELY slayed us!!!  


1...Anything from "Unpretty

I can't!!!!! I really have no cans for "Unpretty"!!! Her face!!! The outfit!!!! Her body movements!!!! Those close ups!!!!!!! All a formula for a GROUPIE SCREAM!!!! 


2...Ummmm, Just last week!!

Like... Why would she ruin our lives like this!?!? And didn't even mean to! Every fan nearly passed out when we saw this! She said on Twitter that she looks like her mom here... Well... Yes... But ain't nothing wrong with that! Pure freakin perfection!


3... The "Creep" video:

Ok... Not only is she SUPER CRUSHY... But the DANCING!!! That's art in itself!!!!! This video always makes me want to ugly cry like folks did for MJ!!! Total fan scream and cry!!!!! I'm completely chill deficient when it comes to this video! Always have been! 



4... This photo shoot!!!

Not only is she beautiful in this pic... But the story behind it is completely inspiring! She said in an Instagram post that she took this photo while she was still recovering from her brain tumor surgery... She still couldn't smile and was in physical therapy. This photo represents the strength and perseverance of our boo!!! THIS is why she's EVERYTHING to us!  



5... Every damn selfie she's ever taken!!! 

Well... Yessssss!! If you know like we know... You wait for the selfies!!!! I still sit and wonder how many selfies are in her phone... Is she like the rest of us and have 1000 selfies with one perfect one... Or... She's she just as magical as we think she is and takes one pic . . Then the selfie gods smile on her and the one pic comes out AMAZING!! I don't know her selfie process but I just know she needs to give a class or sum...


And that's just a few examples... Would it be weird if I took some of these to a printer and had some portraits made from them... Have T allllllll over the living room!?!?? Ok... Maybe that's a bit muurrch... But seriously!!! Imma need boo to... Just stop!!! 


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