Zendaya Video to Feature Our T!!!!!


Love when new artists show respect for our girls!!! 

The GORGEOUS Zendaya has a new song coming and it's CAUUUTTTTEEE! It's titled "Something New" and features Chris Breezy! PLUS... It samples TLC's Creep!!!! Yessssssss (I could add more S's but that may be a lil O.D.)!!! 

The video for the song has apparently been shot already and features our Boo!!! She, her manager Brian and makeup artist Chris Gees have been posting teasers of the shoot all week and it looks amazing!!! T looks FABULOUS and is giving us ULTIMATE T-Boz flava!!!!! 

Soooooo excited for this!!!! 

Looks like T has been up to big thangs all early in 2016! Boss fo ' real! 

Check out this COMPLEX MAG article for the full song! We completely dig it! 

Here is where we drop some pics of T on set! Get into the everythingness! 


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