Stronger Than You Know: Two Articles That Prove That T is a "Champion"

I know we spend a lot of time talking about how dope T is And how gorgeous she is... ok let's be real... we definitely fangirl a lil...  but we also know there is more depth to our fandom. 

Our T is a survivor and someone to look up to. She's been through things most of us could not even imagine going through, and she's always come out the other side just as poised and fabulous as ever. 

T has and always will be an advocate for those dealing with illness she shares her story not for sympathy but to help others dealing with things they think they can't make it through. Through her story we know that anything is possible!!! THIS is why we stan!!!!

Here are 2 articles: one  published in People magazine in 2009, the other in Heart And Soul magazine in 2010. They talk a little bit about her brain tumor battle and how she got through such a difficult time in her life. As fans I know we have probably seen and read this a million times. But if you know of anyone going through life changing challenges, maybe share her story with them. Let them know that "Any war, you can win, if you stay strong"...

"Believe that you're a Champion"!!!!!!


Here is the People Magazine one:





Here is the Heart And Soul one:


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