TLC Is Coming...


I don't know if you heard... But TLC is dropping an album sometime this year!  


Every TLC fan is BEYOND, beyond excited!! We want this album to not only be full of AMAZING music but be iconic AND sell EXTREMELY well!

So...TLC fans have taken it upon themselves (with the direction of CyberTLC World) to get the anticipation flowing for people who don't stalk TLC news like we do... The plan is for every fan to make a graphic of the girls and hashtag it #TLCIsComing and post it to every social media outlet that you're signed to!! The objective is to build hype around the new album because... Trust... Everyone is going to want to know when the new music drops!!!!! Once we get a solid release date, you can start adding the date to your graphic!!! 

So do your part!! This is just a small way to help our girls... That can eventually make a huge impact!!  

Remember... Don't just do it once... More like once a week until the album drops!!!!  

DO IT!  

Toya R.Comment