Do You Know What Today Is...??


It's our anniversary... ANNIVERSARY!! *my Toni Tony Toné voice... Don't know who they are?? Goggle it lol)




It's the fanpage's 2nd anniversary!!! It was 2 years ago this week that the page was made... If you don't know the story... Tbozfanpage on Facebook was made because, apparently, T fans were flooding the TLC Army page with too many T posts (ummmm... If there's any such thing *shrugs*). So to remedy that the fanpage was made!!! Then we added the Instagram acct... Then Came the website and the rest is history!!


As it says on our "About Tbozfanpage" page, this fan community was made out of pure love for Tionne and everything she stands for. So we gon keep this train goin and flooding folks timelines with her!! Cuz that's just how we roll!!

We want to thank all of you who have been ride or die page members!! Especially our Day 1's!!! Y'all have helped make the page the success that it is and we love ya for it!!!!  

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