Fanmail!!! Meeting T on Tour!!!

Today’s post is a little bit of a random one but I think it’s a good one!

Now that the tour has been over for a month, I was just thinking about how great the tour was for so many TLC fans!!

Even though the girls have been doing spot dates and had a tour in Australia last year…Only a few of us were blessed enough to be able to catch those smaller shows… This tour was the first time in years that fans would get to see the girls in a huge MULTI city tour. How many cities was it? 42!?!?! CRAZY!

Fans who have never had a chance to see the girls live…got the chance of a lifetime!!! Not only did some of them get to see their first ever TLC show…But they got a chance to meet the girls for the very first time!!

It was amazing to watch the fanpage blow up with all the Meet & Greet pics from the show.  It was beautiful to experience the concert and meeting T for the first time through the eyes of fanpage members who, before this, had only dreamt of it!

So… a couple of days ago, I asked page members who got to meet Tionne for the first time while she was on tour, to send in their experience. The responses were super cute!!!  There was near tears and tons of Fangirling/ boying and it seemed like everyone’s life was COMPLETELY gotten!!!

I know there are plenty of fans who still haven’t gotten to meet our T yet… If that’s you…Don’t worry… Your time will come and she is DEFINITELY more than worth the wait!!! You too will get your edges snatched at some point!!!!! Don’t say I ain’t warn you!!!!



Here are some of the responses:


Meeting T-Boz was really to me meeting a sister/cousin/mentor/best friend (in my head of course)She has inspired me in so many levels and ways!Also she has gotten me through the most tough times of my life thus far with health and self-worth. I can never forget waiting in the pure cold for Tenese and Chilli I was just praying they would come out because I always knew it was meant to be for us to meet since I was a little kid  ! Hours later the door swings open and here comes Kayo and Tenese talking outside by the door and T turns around looks straight at me and my mom and says "Y'ALL NOT COLD??WHAT YOU GUYS WAITING ON ???! And she laughed her unique and walked right up to us and read my shirt and we took our selfie.I was trying my best not to get all emotional 😩 I wanted to cry so bad !!!To near or even in the presence of someone like her who I adore and look up to I just couldn't deal at all. Without her influence I don't know where I would be I stared at that picture for hours like did that really happen?!!!!!!Truly a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life! #RideOrDieTionnesBookie ‼

-Cordell Parham


I wasn’t scared to meet T. I was nervous as heck though to finally meet someone you looked up to since you were a little girl is amazing. I almost passed out but I held my composure and T definitely gives one to the greatest hug ever. I am glad and honored to have met her and can’t wait to meet her in December.

-Krista Ricketts


On June 6 2015 at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC., I experienced a moment that I will never forget: I met T-boz and Chilli for the first time. I was so nervous, my heart almost came out of my chest. I wanted to cry, but I didn't want my make up to run lol. It was the $99 meet and greet and as I walked down the stairs to the basement, I started thinking about all the years as a kid listening to their music and putting posters on my wall.


 I would buy every single magazine that had them on the cover. I bought so many mother would get upset lol. "You really love TLC don't you," she said. "Yes I do", I replied. I would spend my allowance buying all their music and when I finally got a CD player, I bought all their albums on CD.


On that faithful day, I tried to stay calm and I did, but when it was my turn I was nervous. I met a couple of fans while waiting for the TLC to escorted to the back. Everyone was really nice and someone even took a picture of us together.


Chilli and T-boz hugged me like I was family. I was a mute; I was all in my head and unable to get anything out. My mouth would not form the words my heart wanted to say.  I just smiled for my picture, but I was a little disappointed with myself. ( I blinked on the first one so I take a second one lol) All those years of loving them and I couldn't muster up the courage to say something to my childhood heroes lol. In the end I was happy and walked out to the arena for the concert.

-Alair Scott


Ook, the first time I met Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, I lit up like a firework when I saw her. As soon as she stood in front of me I gasped & screamed "T-BOZ!" Her and Chilli give the BEST HUGS EVER! first thing I thought of was did she remember me from Twitter, so I asked and she replied, "I don't know help me out". All I could think of was when I told her I got my name from one of her favorite songs by Raphael Saadiq. Lord knows I CANNOT sing, but I Will sing for T-Boz, lol. I couldn't even finished the verse & in point two seconds she started gliding and singing the song. Omg, at that point I was turnt to the complete max, just to hear her voice in person, oh my goodness I got chills & that was the BEST moment ever. I completely got my life with that. & we actually had a conversation about that & how said she used to call the "Daja" and I was like wooow. Mann, I just couldn't believe how beautiful she was and her spirit was so uplifting. & I knew she had small eyes but I never realized how small and chinky her eyes but they are soo beautiful! Like she is soo amazing and for me to stand in front of such an icon, like she's so humble. I had so much to say but I was just so amazed by her presence, 45 mins just wasn't enough, lol. I didn't get in pictures of her signing my stuff because I was just amazed, like is this really happening right now. & ohhhh my goodness, I heard her laugh lol, I looked at her and started grinning because her laugh is soo funny to me. Meeting T, I wasn't nervous at all like I thought I would be I was just so calm. Her presence is very welcoming like you feel right at home. Oh my Jesus, she is like the selfie queen like she touched my phone and EVERYTHING, took the picture and all, like in my head i was screaming on the inside. I am so glad that she loved My gift that a bought her, but I was unable to give to her myself. & she's worn it already! (fan girl scream) I so wished I could have seen her reaction. My experience of meeting T was unforgettable and I would love to meet her again because she's such an inspiration & beautiful person inside & out. I never thought in a million years that I would have been able to meet her, but I'm so glad that it happen and that's a moment that I will forever cherish.


-Xoxo, Daja


Where do I begin?? I've had the opportunity to meet T-boz twice (April 19th & May 9th)  The first time was at her Charity event. I was so nervous to meet her, but she told me on Twitter "I don't bite sweetie, I'm as normal as they come!" That made me relax a little. She was still letting fans know that there were still tickets available that night so I bought 3 tickets just to help out and told her she can donate the 2 to whomever she wants. She thanked me and the day of the event I get there and I meet her brothers Kayo and Brian (they were super sweet).. Fast forward to after the show (I think her being silly during her performance made me super chill) it was my turn to meet her but as I walked up to say hi to her she was ending a convo with another fan and they were yelling "monkey paws" to each other so when tboz looks at me I say "y'all keep them paws over there" and she takes her "monkey paw" and claws my shoulder (😂😂😂) so we hug and I let her know who I am and she says "awe you bought the extra tickets, thank you, it's nice to finally meet you" then I ask her for her autograph but I didn't have anything for her to write on so like an idiot I grabbed my checkbook and said "if you sign the back of my checkbook I'll forever donate" 😂😂 she started rolling!!!! We snapped a few pictures then I told her I'll see her again in inglewood for the tour and she threw up "west side" 😂😂 thanked me for coming and I got down and as I was leaving her mom sees me, and i greet her as mama tboz she smiles and shook my hand😍😍.  When I met her the second time in inglewood at the meet and greet she smiled said "I remember you" then gave me this tight bear hug. I met chilli and she was super sweet too, the guy who took our picture was just snapping so some of the fans got dark pics with the girls. When it was my turn another fan gets in the pic but it was cute so later I ask for another pic by myself, I get in between the girls and the guy snaps the pic I thank them and wished them a happy early Mother's Day and tboz says to me "uh uh, wait, check the picture because some were dark! So I check the pic and I mean she was all up in my phone (😂😂) sure enough it was dark and she said "see uh uh I told you lets take it again😍😍" the next pic came out great! Then we went our separate ways...



I met T-boz for the first time this past April 2015 at her chideo charity concert . I knew I couldn't pass the opportunity to meet her highness here near my hometown . I purchased the tickets and awaited the day patiently , getting bursts of excitement every time I thought of the actuality .


The day FINALLY arrived and I picked out my favorite outfit , got  a hair cut and felt like I wanted to look my best for when I met T-boz . The concert was amazing ! It was touching , intimate and a dream come true as T has always been my favorite TLC girl . When the time for the meet and greet arrived I waited till the end along side my new T-boz fan page girl Megan Dove . As I waited in line I kept thinking about the countless times I watched all her videos as a teen . All the times I played and re-played her voice on tracks and waited breathlessly for all things T & TLC ! I knew I wouldn't be able to express to her in words how much her talent and swag had provided me with so much life force and confidence . So I opted to simply tell her that I loved her so much once I got up there. When I stepped up to meet her she spoke first and said " Hey, I know you ...I ran into you in the street before the show " ! Ah yes , that I did ...and I fumbled my words as I ran into her mid street  crossing as I yelled " T-BOZ OMG I LOVE YOU " ! I laughed when she called me out for startling her mid street and I told her I couldn't contain my excitement . When she called me a sweetheart and hugged me a great big hug ...a dream was immediately checked off my bucket list . I was elated all the rest of the week , and I would go on to meet her again at the ' Main Event Tour ' and she remembered me right away. The rest is history and I look forward to meeting our girl again and getting that life force that we all need and love ~



May 6, 2015 will always be one of the BEST days of my life.  It was the day that after so many years I finally got to meet Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins.  I know walking up to the stadium the entire time I was honestly real cool but full of excitement.  I was thinking that I can't believe that this is about to happen.  As I am standing out side of will call waiting to go in and meet them I am just thinking this is cool and I can't believe this is about to happen.  The nerves haven't kicked in yet, just excitement.  The time is getting close and a few more people show up for the meet and greet.  All of us with the same feeling just can't believe this is happening.  The time has arrived and the security guy is calling names to make sure that people are there for the meet and greet.  I paid for the dressing room meet and greet and was among the first group heading in.  By now my nerves have kicked in and I am feeling that I am about to cry but it hasn't happened yet.  During the walk up to the dressing room I was having trouble breathing and kept saying to myself this is it and just don't faint.  The moment of truth has arrived and I am standing outside of the dressing room waiting to go in and I begin to shake and still telling myself not to faint and you got this.  Well the moment has come and I am walking through the door and I am shaking and the nerves have really hit me now.  As i turn the corner and I see T-Boz I am like OMG there she is.  I am standing in front of her now and she is talking and I just can't believe this is happening.  She was looking at me the entire time and she said to me that I looked familiar and I told her that she followed me on Twitter.  She was like I knew you looked familiar and asked my name and I told her then she gave me a hug.  Was in complete shock but I didn't faint and now crying so I was doing real well.  It came time to take my meet and greet picture and I handed her my gift and she gave me another hug.  I was able to speak with her for a little bit and hold a conversation.  She made it so easy to talk to her and was cracking jokes.   I was happy that I finally got to meet her and that she like my gift and was happy that I got that experience.  Nerves was to be expected but I was real happy that the ugly cry didn't come out when I met her and that I was able to form words and talk to her.  It was a great night and the show was amazing and I just can't wait to experience it all over again.


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