The Main Event Tour Wraps in Buffalo, NY!!! A Lil Footage of the Last Tour Stop

Hey, Hey, Heeeeeeyyy!

So, I know it’s been a while since the last post…

But don’t be scurred…We’re back with the very last TLC Tour Insider post!

Our booski, Nathan Histed, has been sweet enough to give us his footage of the last tour date that just happened to be in his hometown…Buffalo, NY!

It looks like the Buff showed the girls crazy love and they slayed, as usual!! "Red Light Special" was super fun! I think you'll get a giggle out of it. You can tell that the girls were happy not only that the tour was wrapping... but that it was such a huge success! It makes us all super geeked for the album!

This tour went back soooooo fast! It seems we waited forever for the tour to start…then…just like that…it’s over *Insert crying emoji*!!!!!

Go check out Nate’s video below. It’s got some REALLY good concert footage, a Miss Gayle appearance and a peek at Niagara Falls!

Get into it!

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