June 6 in ATLANTA and a TLC Tour Insider... Admin Edition

*Singing* Back to life, back to reality...  

That's everyone's lives who spent their weekend in Atlanta with the boos. 

The weekend flew by... And I'm exhausted... But it was more than worth it. Saturday's show in Atlanta was AMAZING! The girls did their thang and were flawless!!! And yes my opinion may be a lil biased but whatevs... I know a good show when I see one and this... This was a FANTASTIC show!! 

Its been 15 years since the girls last performed at Philip's Arena in the A. That of course means that Lisa was with them back then... And you could definitely feel her spirit in the arena. The show was bittersweet but I'm positive that Lisa was on that stage with them... putting it down right along with them...  

4 of the fanpage admins met up in ATL from 3 different cities for the show! While we were there we got to meet some of our Tbozfanpage/ TLC Army family. It was SOOOO nice to put faces and voices to the names and pics we've been seeing on social media for the past year. It was totally like a lil family reunion!

So... Here is the Tbozfanpage admin version of our popular TLC Tour Insider videos! It's kinda long cuz it's a video of the entire weekend, not just the show... So sit back and watch the shenanigans from the past weekend. You may see a few familiar faces! 


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