TLC in NYC!!! Day 1 (TLC Tour Insider)


This Weekend was EPIC!!!

It was TLC weekend here in NYC!!!! That meant 2 days of shows and Meet & Greets here in NYC at Madison Square Garden!


UGH!! They haven’t played the Garden in about 15 years!!!

And it was DEFINITLEY worth the wait!

This weekend was full of TLC love. We got a chance to meet up with NYC fans and celebrate the girls NYC style!

New York City showed our girls sooooooo  much love! It was crazy!! The first night… EVERYONE was on their feet for “No Scrubs”… Like the ENTIRE place.

The second night, you could actually hear the crowd singing “Red Light Special”!! It was amazing!

And the girls…well the girls… MURDERED, SLAYED and SNATCHED EDGES!!! They did suuuuchhhh a good job! Especially the second night! They were really on top of their damn game. And the vocals were on point (duhhh)!

It gave all of us fans so much life to see them playing in such a huge, historic arena! We are all so proud of them!

The admins of the page got together and did another Insider… for BOTH NYC shows! (Disclaimer: Its full of randomness and shenanigans but at least it’s entertaining… And there’s a lot of concert footage…so… AYYYYYEEE!

Here is a video for the first night…Sunday night…

Part 2 will come at cha tomorrow…

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