T-boz Fan Page's Top 5 TLC Performances!!!

So with all the tour talk and all the performances happening right now, it got us ta thankin…


TLC has had SOOOOOO many dope performances…Which ones are the BEST!?! Like which ones do you watch over and over again…Which one make you go YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I have a few that make me do the Baptist church lady dance!)

We asked the fanpage to post their absolute favorite TLC performances and we made them into a top 5!!

And heeeerrrrrrree we go (*my Slick Rick voice*)

#5.  '99 VMA's No Scrubs-

This one has the infamous "Booty In the Pants" breakdown!!! I would LOVE to see this breakdown happen again!



#4. The girls looked BEAUTIFUL in this one...well they always do but...This one...just...GORGEOUS! Hair, makeup, wardrobe...everything was on point!!



# 3. SNL “Creep” and “Red Light Special”

This one was a tie…No one could say which they liked more. This entire performance are what crushes are made of!!! Ummmmmm…YESS BOOS!!!!!  Between the overalls and the sexy RLS choreography…We’re TOTALLY here for these!

  HERE is the link  for the "Red Light Special" performance...



#2. Live at the Apollo

Can we just talk about the dancing in this performance?? Like…why they had to slay it like that tho?? You can really see the different personalities here…T is just oooozzzzzzing swag and cool ass sexiness. Lisa is in her cute tomboy and Chilli is giving bubbly girl next door cuteness! LOOOVE this performance. I think I watch it a couple times a week!!! The whole set is everything !!!





'95 VMA's CrazySexyCool Medley

OK… so this one was UNANIMOUS!!! Everyone, across the board said this was their ALL TIME favorite TLC performance… It’s even Tionne’s favorite. This performance is ESSENTIAL TLC. If you want to know what TLC is all about…this one wraps it up in a lil fly gift box. The boos were SOOOO HYPE for this one! 



Here is an “Honorable Mention”… We couldn’t forget this one…It was the last performance the girls would do as a trio… Love and miss you Lisa

Annnddd that’s it…Do you agree with these top 5 or would you add some new ones?? Comment and let us know. Betta yet, head over to the fanpage and share your videos!!

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