Still on a Tour High???

I KNOW I am!!!

And it’s been a week since my last show and another entire week til the NYC shows!!

This tour has really been a “fan’s” tour. Almost everyone in the T-Boz Fan Page and TLC Army has had a chance to go to at least one show… AND meet the girls! Some people have been waiting as long as 20 years to meet them and this was finally their opportunity! We are LOVING all the meet and greet pics (thank GAWD for Kickstarter and the $99 Meet and Greet sales) and all of the pics of fans meeting other fans for the first time.  Most have been talking to each other forever online via the T-Boz Fan Page and TLC Army Facebook groups. This tour is giving a lot of folks a chance to connect and meet up and strengthen those TLC Family bonds that we all have.

With only 2 ½ weeks left (that’s still 15 shows…DAMN…The boos be gettin it IN!) it seems like the tour just started. But it really will be ova before we can say LIFFFEEEEEE! So…If you haven’t gotten tix yet, I REALLY suggest you try!! Even if you’re hella high up in the nosebleeds…It’s still COMPLETELY worth it.

The “Concerts/Performances/Appearances “ section of the gallery has been updated with a few more photos from the tour…

AND…An “Archive” section has been added to the “News” page. This way you can go back and see posts without scrolling alllllllllllllllllll the way down the page to find what you’re looking for!! Just click on “News” and a drop-down menu will appear…Click “Posts Archive” and you are there!!!


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