I KNOW you guys know what day it is…!!!!

Well at least you betta!!!

Today is our Tionne’s BIRTHDAY!!!!!

It’s a known fact that this day is like a holiday around here!! Fanpage members started counting down on the 1st of April!

We cherish this day because it’s another year that we get to bask in the dopeness that is Tionne Tenese Watkins.

We all know the story. When T was diagnosed with Sickle Cell as a child, doctors said she wouldn’t live to see past 30. And here she is 45, THRIVING, still giving us everlasting life with that voice and those dance moves  and putting all these young ‘uns to SHAME…

Everyday that she is in the world to raise her daughter, be the daughter that she is to her own mom AND share her gift with the world…is a day to CELEBRATE!

So…Let’s all scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our T and then check out the video below… Some of our fanpage members got together and sent in videos that we put in one big video of birthday shout outs to our gul… Its suuupppper cute so make sure you watch it!!!

Ummmm…its lonnnng…The love is SO real…and we didn’t want to cut anyone’s video so…yeah…watch the entire thing!

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