T-Boz and Friends SLAYYYY All Of Our Lives

I hope you all were watching “T-Boz and Friends” last night! If you weren’t then you missed an AMAZING show.

Ok…so the show started a few minutes late… But it was WELL worth the wait!

Once the show started in was a great show. Tionne’s new group ATLA made their debut and they didn’t disappoint. They performed their first single “Something Real”. The girls were high energy and did their thing! It was a good first performance. I L-O-V-E the song.  It’s crazy catchy and it fits the girls’ style perfectly. I’m ready to download it…like now! Excited to see what they grow into!!

Then…THEN… Faith Evans came and gave us EVERLASTING life with her voice! Like…She took us all to CHURCH (that’s said in my Baptist grandma voice)!!!!

The fanpage on facebook was IN LOVE with Ms. Kat Graham. She was SUPER cute and completely rocked out!!!  So much fun! I LOVE that she’s such a fan of TLC. Her tribute was super sweet and made me tear up a lil!!

Ooooohhh! Then Tionne took the stage and COMPLETELY SLAYED!!!! She sang everything we wanted to hear… Creep, Unpretty,  Waterfalls…and more…“Different Times” had to be my personal favorite!! Kept shouting “SANNNGGG BOO!!!!” at my screen…  HER VOICCEEEEE!!!!! Ugh… So amazing!!

The night was filled with soooo much love and support. Even those of us streaming could feel it. I’m sure the energy was even bigger in person. 

This was done for such a good cause and I really feel like the money raised is going to help so many people. The support of all the artists and the audience for Tionne and everyone affected by Sickle Cell was so touching. I really hope that Tionne and Chideo team up to make this an annual thing. Make it bigger and better every year!!

This show proved to everyone why Tionne is so special to us and why this website and group even exist in the first place. Not only is she RIDIC talented but her energy just makes you want the best for her and to support everything she does. I’ve said it before…Tionne deserves every bit of all the adoration we shower on her and then some. She’s a blessing to everyone who’s life she has touched and inspired.

Love you T, and Congrats on an amazing night…

Here’s to many more. 

Toya R.Comment