ATLA Logo Contest, T-Boz and Friends Unplugged and a fanpage fundraiser!


Sooooo many things going on in TLC fanland!!!

UGH!!! So much and I LIVE!!!

First thing is that Tionne just announced on her radio show that she has a lil contest going on… She needs a new logo for her new group ATLA… So she wants the fans to design one. If she picks your design you will win 2 free tix to The Main Event concert in a city of your choice!!! Yaaasssss! So those of you who couldn’t get tickets now’s your chance to win free ones straight from boo…Get on that y’all. I know a lot of you do dope edits on your Instagram pages,for the TLC Army and TbozFanPage page…Now is the time to get them seen!!!

Next thing is something we should ALLLLL know about:

T-Boz and Friends Unplugged!!!!!

I am waaaayyyyy to hyped for this! Its gon be AHHMAZING!!! T is going to get together with Raphael Saadiq and some more special guests for an acoustic performance to raise money for her Chideo charity!!!! ANNNNNDD…her new girl group ATLA will be making their debut that night!!! YASSSSSS!


If you’re in the LA area you can buy tickets HERE… They are $199 and there is only 43 tickets left so get on it now!!

If you are NOT in the LA area you can still see it LIVE. Go to and you can donate $10, $30 or $50 and be able to stream it live and get a lil extra T shirt and autograph on the side depending on how much you donate!!!

This is gon be E-P-I-C, you hear me!!! DON’T MISS OUT!!!!!


The last thing is more of a fanpage thing. TbozFanPage has gotten together with one of our fav T fans Megan Dove to help raise money for T’s Chideo charity. All money we raise will go to T’s Chideo charity on her birthday (April 26) as a birthday gift from the fans. We want EVERY TLC fan to get involved. If you want deets DM me on the fanpage Instagram (@tbozfanpage), hit me up at TBOZFANS@GMAIL.COM or JOIN THE FANPAGE on FACEBOOK (just search T-Boz Fan Page or click this link and you’ll see us!!!)

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