ATLA, iCraft Radio... T Stays on Her Boss S#*t

Boo stays doing big thangs!!!

Over the past couple of days, she’s managed to give us T fans 2 more things to stan over!!! Yassssss!

First is… iCraft Radio is now its own station!!! So Dope!!!! It’s all I’ve been listening to since last night. Right now repeats of old iCraft Radio shows are playing back to back.  Fridays are when the new shows will air…same time as when it when it aired on XXL.

The music is dope, the conversation is hilarious…It’s EVERYTHING! Go to the DASH App and search iCraft Radio…if you haven’t done it already…but I’m sure you have…

The other thing that was announced was the group formed from T-Boz Project Next search has officially been unveiled!!! Go to @ATLAnation on Instagram and meet the girls of ATLA!!!

One of them we all know and love from dancing with TLC on their past tours and concerts: Miss FierceNinja herself, Ahsia Pettigrew…I’ve been creeping her IG page for almost a year now and she’s a perfect fit… A BEAST on the floor with a ridic voice! Ummmm YASSSSSS!  The other member, Dimonae, I don’t know too much about.  But I do know that she’s super adorable and also puts it down as dancer! I can’t wait to see what they create with T!!! It’s gonna be FI-RAHHHH!!

And T’s been kinda teasing us with the 3rd member… There was a third girl on the video she posted…but only 2 pics on the ATLA IG page…So…I guess we have to wait to find out who that is…

Along with all of this, make sure you are also following Tionne’s page on Chideo and that you donate to her charity!!

Ok…That’s all for now Boz Babies…