Tionne on BET's "Lift Every Voice"


Did we all catch our T on BET’s “Lift Every Voice”????

If not you missed a cute interview.

Most of what aired was about Tionne’s health issues, how she came to be diagnosed with Sickle Cell and how her faith has brought her through so many challenges in her life.

They also touched on the movie and the controversy that occurred afterward (ummm…the dumbass lawsuit).

It was a short but sweet interview… It touched on all the things us diehard fans already knew, but I think my favorite part of the interview  was the last part…

When asked what she wanted for herself in the next 10 years she said she always asks for health first…Then joy because

“Joy can’t be taken from you. Happiness is momentary.”

“I want to have joy…then peace”

“Peace, Faith, Joy and Health! Those are my four things. That’s what I want…for the rest of my life”


So as you go about your week send prayers for our T for those things…I honestly think it’s something we should all strive for…

Also!! If you go to BET.COM (the link will take you right to it) you can see outtake videos that didn’t make it to air!!! Also there will be a video of today’s show up soon. As soon as I get it I’ll post it!!!

Did you see “Lift Every Voice” this morning??? What did you think? Which part inspired you the most?

Wishing you all Peace, Faith, Joy and Hope this Sunday!!!

Toya R.Comment