TbozFanPage's Year In Review!!


Happy Holidays from the Fanpage!!!! We hope your Christmas was everything and that your 2016 is gonna be filled with everything dope and fab!!

As we inch into the New Year we are going to relaunch the website with a new look and new features!!! It's going to be a big year for TLC and T so we want the site to be as fly as her!!! Be on the lookout for that January 2nd!!

But first...to close out the year... We wanted to do a lil recap of fanpage posts from 2015! Boo was booked to CAPACITY this year, so let's just reminisce on the love we had with our TT this year!

January 2015-

This is where it all started for the year!! January was the press tour and the HUGE announcement of The Main Event Tour with the boos, NKOTB and Nelly.


This was also the big announcement of the new album and the start of the Kickstarter campaign!!! This month had us all super geeked for TLC!!!



The Kickstarter campaign ended! $430,255 pledged!!!! The fans really came through in this one!! It ended up being one of Kickstarter's most successful campaigns! The things we do for our girls!


Chideo!! This month T began her partnership with Chideo! It's been a good way for the fans to help T with her Sickle Cell charities.




T on BET's Lift Every Voice!! This was such an inspirational show! Most of the info we already knew as fans but it was a great reminder of why we admire T so much! And hopefully it made others who didn't know of her struggles and achievements see her as we do!


 The members of ATLA were announced! We were finally able to see who T picked to be a part of her girl group! They were super cute and ended up having a couple of singles on iTunes!


The First Tbozunplugged was announced!!!!


Well maybe that happened in February but... Whatevs...  This was the very first taste we got of what is now going to be an annual thing!!



TLC perform on the Tom Joyner cruise!! Remember when that happened and we were all jealous that we couldn't be there!?! Sigh...but the performance did a good job of getting us hyped for the tour that was to come


TBOZUNPLUGGED happened!!!!! And SLAYYYYEEED us all!!! This very first Unplugged was EVERYTHING! Faith Evans sang her face off and T was BEAUTIFUL and gave us all the raspy life we could ever ask for!!! So many yesses!


T's BIRTHDAY!!!! Awwwwww... One of our favorite days of the year!!! The page celebrated by making T our first of annual birthday videos! We luh, that guh so much... I swear we do!!!



The Main Event Kicks Off!!!!


 Yessssssss!!! Go check out all of our insider videos made by fans to see the experience!!! This tour was LIFE!!



The tour continues...


And the boos do a sketch on Comedy Central's "Key & Peele" and it's hilarious!!





This month marked the end of The Main Event Tour. The tour wrapped in Buffalo, NY and I heard that it was one of the best shows for the girls!! Go check out the insider for that one!



We did a little article about what it was like to meet T while she was on tour...


There were tears and speechless moments... Go to August's posts to read up on how it felt to meet her for the very first time during the tour!



Not much news this month. But we did celebrate Sickle Cell Awareness month with another fanpage T shirt sale!



TbozUnplugged tix go on sale for the second show of the year!!! So exciting!!!


T announces her new children's clothing line!!! And it's SUPA crute! Go check out the Instagram @shopbabybouge!!! You're gonna want sum... I promise!



This was the month of foolishness about the album... We won't rehash the whole foolishment but the internet is dumb and the album is coming and we couldn't be more excited! That's all on that...


Album updates!!!


Yessssss! We got a few lil album updates after all the internet shenanigans. T went to her Instagram and posted about the process of making the new album... All I have to say is I wish that I could have sat in on that TLC writing camp... It honestly looked more like a party or family reunion than a writing camp!! But I'm sure they got some dope music out of it! I believe T said she recorded 36 songs!?!?! Daaammmmmnnn... Can we hear just a snippet of 1???



2 words...

T-Boz Unplugged!!!

*insert praise hands emoji*




THIS... Was life!!! Like... *insert applause emoji*


The entire weekend was bomb! Fanpage members got to get together for a lil family time before we were SLAYED at the show!


T was beautiful as ever and sounded AHHHHMAZING!!!! Everything about the night made you feel blessed to be there! Such an amazing event! I'm happy that It's now going to be an annual event... So if you didn't get to go this year... You have entire year to get yourself together and plan for a holiday trip to L.A. in 2016!


So there you have it... The fanpage's year in review!! There was SO much T-ness this year!! It kinda makes you excited for 2016... There's an album coming... A tour... And another T-Boz Umplugged to finish off the year!! T's really going to be a huge year for TLC and T! Make sure you stick with the website and the page social media to stay up to date on everything that's happening! It's gonna be a R-I-D-E!!!! Make sure you're around for it!

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