The ULTIMATE T-Boz Playlist!!!!!!



The other day the fanpage was talking about their favorite T songs that aren’t TLC related. That got me thinking…T has done sooooo many songs outside of TLC it would be good to make a Playlist for new fans or fans that may have missed a piece of the brilliance that is T-Boz!!!! 

So here it is. The ultimate T stan playlist!!! Now… some of these songs T is only featured in…some are solo songs… a couple are songs she sang backup on, but it’s fun to try to pick her voice out in them. I even Included the YouTube links so that you don’t have to go searching!

Let's Get It!!

Word To The Badd- Jermaine Jackson feat. T-Boz1991

This is one is not OBVIOUSLY T... But get into it


Changes- Society of Soul feat. T-Boz 1995

Yessssss for this song!!! T and her VOICE though!!!!!


Touch Myself- T-boz  1996

We should all know this one… So if you know the song… sang alooooong * in my Jerome from Martin voice*


Ghetto Love- Da Brat feat. T-Boz 1996

I LIVVVVED for this song back in the day!!!!

Here is just the song... The video was taken off of YouTube!! Grrrr... But go Google it!!


 Be Somebody- Paula Cole feat. T-Boz 1999

In this one T is mostly background and  comes in closer to the end of the song.


He Say, She Say- Keith Sweat feat. T-Boz 2000

Always an oldie but goodie!!! And again…. T’s VOICEEEEE!!!!!


Wanna Take Me Back- T-boz 2000

One of my personal favs!!! Yessssss T ! Come through, boo!!!


My Getaway- T-boz 2000

From the “Rugrats in Paris” soundtrack! Super cute song and  video!


Tight 2 Def- Mack 10 feat. T-Boz 2000

Super cute preggers T!!!!! So cute!!!!


Different Times- Raphael Saadiq feat. T-Boz 2002

THIS song just may be my favorite song EVER!!! SUCH a good song! Raphael and T together is PERRRRFECTION!


My Heart- T-boz 2005


Miracles- T-boz 2009

AHHHHHHHHHH!!! THIS SOONNGGG! I soooooo wish I could find a better quality  video of this!! I listen to it daily!!


You Got Me Open- T-Boz 2009

You got meeeeeeeeeee, wanting youuuuuuuu, So Opeeennnnn. You got me oppeeeennnn! YASSSSSSS!


Rebel Yell- T-boz feat. Lil Wayne

By now we should have all heard this one. T played it on her radio show last year. Dope! That rasp is addictive!!! Sang, Boo!!!


Get It, Get It- T-boz feat. Young Jock and Too Short 2009

Ummmm I have a  confession… This is my JAM!!!!! The first time I heard it I screamed 😅 The video isn't on youtube...but it's worth it for you to Google it...Just sayin...


Someday- T-boz 2009

What can I say about this song? It’s beautiful! It means sooooo much! Love it! I would say it's my favorite but I feel like I already said a few were my favorite... Truthfully, I think all T's songs may be my favs!!!


Can It Be Love- T-Boz 2009


Start Off New- T-Boz 2011


Red Planet- Little Mix feat. T-Boz 2012


Champion- T-Boz 2013

Basically the fanpage theme song!!! Makes me want to revisit “Totally T-Boz”


Miracles- Lil Eddie feat. T-Boz 2013

In My Hands- Lucy X & Christopher Kris feat. T-Boz 2014


Creep- Eric Bellinger feat. T-Boz 2015

Yesssssssssss!!!!!! *Groupie Scream* AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! * insert church lady dance* T in this song gives my life SO much meaning!!!!! Like… I LIVE!!!! Lemme play this again… like 100 more times


So there you go… every T song I could think of. So many and all of them showcase how talented, brilliant and GENIUS our boo is ( ok so I may be being extra… but… yeah… who cares… we all know boo is *insert praise hands emoji* and if you don’t… you’re completely buggin )!!!!!!


Now GO!!!! Go listen and study up… and just wait…hopefully we’ll get some more of Boo's voice soon!! 

So, which of these songs makes you want to get up and shout “COME THROUGH T!!!!!!” the most??? Comment! We wanna know!!

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