8 Days Til T-Boz Unplugged!!!



It's bout that time... 

Only 8 days til T-Boz Unplugged!!!

Right about now everyone is making last minute preps for flights to Hollywood and gettin that hurr laid and the outfit just right!!! (Cuz don't forget! There IS a dress code! Please don't be comin in your best wannabe TLC outfit from '92... This is Hollywood and you prolly won't be let into the venue😂) 

Everyone is beyond excited to see what T and the other acts have in store! And the fact that Chilli will be there so there will be some TLC action...!!!! Hopefully since it's a Holiday show we can get a lil "Sleigh Ride" or "Gift Wrapped Kiss" out of them!  Sooooooooo geeked!!! 

Everyone has been tweeting and retweeting about the show! There has been A LOT of celebrity support via social media which is amazing! It's always good to see celebs supporting other celebs.

So... The countdown has begun!!! Get your tixand live streams NOW!!!

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