Lots Of T News!!!


Hey Hey Heyyyy!  

So... Here are some of the lil T-Boz tidbits floating around this week!! If you follow T like I know some of you do... Then this is stuff you probably already know... But just in case.....

First and foremost... It seems that the T and C and starting to roll out those Kickstater rewards that everyone spent their paychecks on! Chili has already been to the movies with fans and did a workout with a fan. T should be starting her part of the rewards veeerrryyy soon. And everyone who paid for a voicemail message recorded by the girls received their message!! I heard they we SUPER cute too! So if you paid for a reward that has to do with the girls (meaning not the album or vinyl or sum like that) be expecting to be contacted soon!! I personally can't wait to hear about T's sleepover!!! Ummmmmm... How can a girl be dowwwwnnnn!!! Oh yeah... I could have been for a few thousand $$$$$$. *insert crying emoji*

Next is a bit of not so great news...

T's girl group ATLA is officially no more... Well according to group member Ahsia, who tweeted about it a couple of days ago. There has been no official word from Tionne or her people so... We will just have to wait and see what else is in store for the girls Of ATLA... (We DID just see Ahsia KILLING IT on a couple of episodes of "Empire" so I'm sure they will be just fine) We wish them luck in whatever it is they have coming up next! 

Next is an announcement from Tionne herself... She tweeted late the other night that she is starting another children's clothing line... Along the same lines of what she did with Chase's Closet (her earlier line named after her daughter). Soooooo BEYOND beyond excited for this! Chase's Closet had the most adorable stuff! I can't imagine what she could come of with in 2015/16!! All you T fans with lil ones... y'all betta get up on it!!!! 

And last but DEFINITELY not least... 

Make sure to get your tix or mark your calendars for "T-Boz Unplugged"!!!!!!! If you can't make it here to Los Angeles in December don't worry... It will be live streamed just like the one earlier this year!!! And if you can make it go ahead and get your tix! If it's anything like the first one the slayage is gon be unreal!!! We should be hearing about the talent lineup sometime this week so stay tuned!! 

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