T-Boz Unplugged!!! Get Your Tix!!!!!

It's almost that time!


We've all been waiting since last Spring for this!! 



T-Boz Unplugged is back!!!


*Insert applause emoji* 


And from the looks of it... It's going to be MAJOR!!!! 


The Fanpage and TLC Army is BEYOND excited for this. Ticket sales were announced last week and the tix are super affordable!! There is NO reason for every TLC fan on the west coast not to be there!! There are already fans making plans to fly from across the country! It's gon be a good time!


This is a perfect way to support T and Sickle Cell... And the BEST way imaginable to kick off your holidys!!! Go to tbozunplugged.com to order your tix.

Toya R.Comment