TLC Kickstarter Goal Reached and Breaking Records in the Process



The TLC Kickstarter has officially reached (and surpassed) its $150,000 goal!!!!  


This is a COMPLETE testiment to TLC's influence! I always ask this...And I'll ask it again... Who doesn't LOVE a lil TLC!?!!?!!

AND in the process of reaching the goal TLC has made history by being the fastest funded pop project in Kickstarter history!!!!  


I'm soooo proud to be a TLC fan right now! I hope you are too!  

Now when this new album drops we need to come out with the same strength and get it to the top of the charts!!!!  

Remember: Just because we reached the goal doesn't mean we stop spreading the word about the Kickstarter! If you feel the need to donate again... DO IT! If you know folks who haven't donated yet... Get on their asses to get it done by the deadline. We don't want to just break records... We need to SHATTER them! 


Here is the link to the Kickstarter in case you need it!!!!! 


Toya R.Comment